31 July 2017


Want a calm and clear mind? Struggling for time? No worries! Many people tell me that they know they need help to settle their mind but are busy and ask “is there a quick answer?”

Well... we know mindfulness practices help us think more clearly, be more creative and effective, sleep better and have more energy and resilience. So this week, a quick solution – an exercise in mindfulness that works in just 2 minutes! But first

        Thought for the day

Cultivating a close, warm-hearted feeling for others 
Automatically puts the mind at ease. 
It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities 
We may have and gives us the strength 
To cope with any obstacles we encounter.

It is the principal source of success in life. 

Since we are not solely material creatures, 
It is a mistake to place all our hopes 
For happiness on external development alone. 
The key is to develop inner peace.  

                         HH The 14th Dalai Lama

Rapid Mindfulness
This is a simple technique. It takes all of 2 minutes. And like its counterpart – the Rapid Relaxation exercise - it does actually seem to be quite helpful. Well worth a try… Contrasts with the month retreat Ruth and i are about to begin :)

1. Notice what 'mental programs' are open
If your active, thinking mind was a computer, which is close to the truth, at any given time it would have a number of open programs.

Look inwardly, select the first “program” that seems to be open, (for preference the one taking the most headspace), and name it.  No need to dwell on this. Whether it seems to be a small issue or large; just choose one, and name it. Such-and-such a project, a particular issue with a colleague, friend or family member, a financial issue; whatever. Just give it a name.

2. Identify the emotion  
Again, just whatever first comes to mind. Once you have named your open program, identify the strongest emotion you are aware of that goes with it. Fear, joy, sadness, rage – it may be pleasant or unpleasant, no need to dwell on that; aim not to get stuck going into that, simply label the emotion with a name and leave it at that.

On the scientific side, apparently labeling our emotions helps to settle our limbic system.

3. Affirm what you would like to do
What would you like to do with this program?

The aim is to shut down all the open programs.

So maybe it is as simple as saying to yourself “For now, I am shutting this program down”.

Maybe you say “I will drop this for now and come back to it later”.

Tell your self, tell your mind, what you would like to do.

4.      Enjoy a few moments peace
Maybe closing down just one program is enough for today. Maybe you come back tomorrow and try this exercise again. Or maybe later in the day. Two minutes. Simple and effective. Give it a go…

Rapid Mindfulness.



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  1. Well hello from the SW corner of WA!!!....a bit stormy today so can't go cycling.....so a good day for meditating!....Your work continues to be inspiring Ian...THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. I am still sharing with the local Support Group I run, so your help is invaluable. This will definately resonate with a few who dont' make the time!...Big hugs to you both. Sue

  2. This is a great idea for mindfulness practice!! Love the image of the computer shutting down. xxx