21 July 2014

Ian Gawler Blog: Finding our true identity.

Most people seem pretty busy these days. So much “stuff” to do. So many people to take account of. Work, health, money, kids. Days hurry by. It can be easy to feel a bit lost amidst all the external activity.

So this week, a lyrical tale from out of Africa that offers a practical solution. Plus news from Mackay - I have accepted an invitation to speak there as Ruth and I trek further North. And yes, good news, the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining as we head for Toowoomba after a full few days in Brisbane. The house-sitter reports 14 degrees and raining in the Yarra Valley. Oh well, the trees will be very happy! But first,

Thought for the day

This withdrawal from the day's turmoil 
into creative silence, 
is not a luxury, a fad, or a futility. 

It is a necessity

Because it tries to provide the conditions 
wherein we are able to yield ourselves 
to intuitive leadings, promptings, warnings, teachings, and counsels, 
and also to the inspiring peace of the soul. 
                                   Paul Brunton

Consider this. When is a baby first conceived?

Imagine this. A woman decides she will have a child. Conception? She takes herself off and sits under a tree, listening for the song of the child that she will conceive. Once she hears it, she goes to the potential father and teaches him the song. Then they make love, pausing along the way to sing the song together. The couple sing the song to invite the child to join them.

The woman is in Africa, a member of the Himba tribe and this is how they do it.

Once the woman is pregnant, she teaches the child’s song to the midwives, the older women and other members of the village.

The child is born to the welcoming sound of its own song being gently sung by all those around about. As it grows, if it should be injured, face a transition like puberty or marriage, or do something wonderful; the child receives the support, the acknowledgement, the honouring of the people it knows through the agency of them singing its song.

Similarly, if at any stage in its life this person should do something inappropriate – a crime or something socially unacceptable – the villagers gather, form a circle, install the person in the centre and sing them their song.

Correction through love. And affirmation of identity. And a reminder of connection and the truth of
belonging. Gentle correction. Loving correction.

So the song is sung throughout life, and finally at the time of dying.

Different cultures have different traditions, but maybe something resonates when we read of such an extra-ordinary tradition as this. Maybe some yearning or nostalgia swells. A recognition of the value of connecting to the heart and how we need to be on guard to maintain this connection in a busy, largely secular world.

But then maybe too, it is as simple as taking ourselves off on our own from time to time and sitting silently. Maybe listening for our own song, or having it sung to us, is just one way of being reminded of our true identity and what is in our heart’s essence?

Maybe in the still, quiet centre of meditation
we can hear our own voice speak;
maybe even sing to us.

We could listen for that.

It will be easy to know when we hear it.

We will feel in tune with our life.

With thanks to The Mind Unleashed where I first read of this wonderful story.

What distracts us



Health, Healing and the Mind comes to Mackay

I have been invited for the first time to speak in Mackay, so if you do happen to know anyone in that area, please do let them know. If you do happen to live nearby - come and say hello!!!

Date:          Friday 1st August 2014
Time:          6.30-9.30pm (arrive at 6 for a 6.30 start)
Venue:       Whitsunday Anglican School Pansy Wood Centre
                     2-12 Celeber Drive, North Mackay
Cost:           $28 pre-purchased online CLICK HERE       
                        or $35 at the door. Healthy light supper included
Enquiries: Sandra or Colin 0431 091 868 
                       or Email: iangawlerinmackay@hotmail.com

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  1. Ian
    Today's posting really hits the spot for where I am at the moment. How good it is to be reminded of the value of solitude and spiritual connection in all of the busyness - I can still hear the thud of the arrow hitting the bullseye....
    Why do we put so much effort into getting distracted?