18 December 2017


Have you ever had an experience that was so remarkable, so out of the ordinary, so amazing, that it seemed almost miraculous? With Christmas approaching it seems timely to recount the Christmas miracle that occurred for our family some years ago.

Maybe you have your own story that kindles the wonder of Christmas - the metaphorical birth of unconditional love? Also an opportune moment to send a wish that love fills your life in 2018, but first

    Thought for the day

       Only when you drink 
       From the river of silence
       Will you indeed sing

                 Kahlil Gibran

Some years ago,
a good number of our family gathered at our small farm for Christmas (with 6 children, getting them all together at one time would indeed be a miracle!).

The oldest grandson was of an age where suspicion about this Father Christmas stuff was rampant; so much so that he was keen to tell his younger sister what he was thinking was the truth of the matter - it is all a fantasy. Popular thinking amongst the adults was that she was not ready for this!

Now me being the keen gardener, for many years I have always had a live Christmas tree. When my children were growing up, we had a new one each year and then planted it out. So on our old farm there developed the Christmas tree avenue, made up of all the different pine trees, cedars and like minded trees.

In more recent times, we have grown the Christmas tree on in a pot until it really is large enough to demand planting. So at the time of the miracle, on the current farm there was only one ex-Christmas tree in the ground.

The summer of year of the miracle was very hot and so a good deal of tree watering was required. Having checked the trees on Christmas Eve, I went out to water them on Boxing Day.

Imagine this.

Under the ex-Christmas tree were two deer horns! And yes, that is them in the photo.

Each about 4 – 5” long, or 10 – 15 cms in the new money, and they looked for all the world like baby reindeer horns.

Now you may think I was dreaming, but never having found such things in our area before or since (and I have lived in the area for over 35 years), or even heard of anyone else finding them, what are the chances?

They turned up specifically on Christmas Eve or night, and specifically under the Christmas tree! And they are real deer horns that look just like reindeer horns!

Moral of the story? The grandson was deeply confused but still managed to believed in Santa for another year or two. The granddaughter carried on unperturbed! The adults were content to be amazed and to smile whenever we recount or recall the story.

So, Happy Christmas. Tell some good stories, enjoy some regenerative time amidst the spirit of Christmas, and may 2018 be filled with love, good health, happiness and peace.

A post on mammography has been pre-empted, but will be held over until the New Year.

A Christmas miracle seems more appropriate for now...