What people are saying about "Out on a Limb"

***  Your blog is a great tool for people to recognise a balance needs to be in place between our current medical system & what we call a 'lifestyle' approach which encompasses many elements. I am always heartened when I read your blogs & the many responses when I see contributions from those practicing medicine. Although a slow process, it helps me maintain faith that this balance is achievable. Your comments are always level headed…

***  Thanks so much for this blog ian. it's a tremendous support in so many ways. i think the main benefit for me is that it inspires me to keep on keeping on with the wellness program. it's been six years since i joined the TGF program after my second breast cancer and as time goes on and i remain well, it becomes easier somehow to let the practices slip, especially around diet. there's so little support for that out there in the mainstream world of poor nutritional habits and addiction to fat, sugar and salt. another important benefit for me is that it helps me to feel connected to others who live this way. 
*** sometimes i feel so isolated, and this weekly connection reminds me that i'm part of a wonderful community of people growing their own food, and eating ethically, healthily and joyfully. my partner also subscribes to the blog, which is great for me, as he reads from you about the things i practice (and he participates in mostly) at home around food and lifestyle, rather than only from me - which increases the credibility of making these changes, sticking to them long term, and enjoying living this way!
*** I am a great admirer of your work Ian. You took on this work and the education around it at a time when there was so little support and acknowledgement from mainstream health providers or society at large. Yet you stuck with it and we are now the ongoing lucky recipients. I work as a health professional, and, even though lifestyle changes around cancer management are still not mainstream, they are becoming more accepted and I am just very grateful for the groundwork you and others have laid, which makes my path that bit easier. I recommend your blog to all that come to my workshops or whom I see as patients as I see education as the key.
*** I am 55 years old and not much of a computer person and am not sure how ended up getting this whole blog thing. But am interested in health and well being and have surprisingly enjoyed reading ians blogs. Mostly i have found i really enjoy and appreciate a sense of connection and greater awareness to the "world'" of health that i would never take the time to access or look into further. thank you
*** I had to retire after diagnosis of cancer. Ian's work and the public profile and communications have been very helpful for me. I am stable and now have clear scans after secondary spread which I believe is somewhat attributed to my feeble attempts to adopt some of Ian's thinking!! It would be great to attend a workshop, but I live in the UK.
*** Ian's blog is one of the most useful contributions and communications in this area addressing what I hope and predict will be The Medicine of the 21st century. Very helpful to me as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. And it's lovely to hear from him, personally.
*** Having followed Ian since 1990 when my Mum had a brain tumor and getting the chance to meet him last year I just LOVE the man! To actually meet him and see his persona and calm nature has actually helped me become a much calmer person (along with meditation/reiki etc!) I don't actually have Ian on a pedestal (sorry Ian!) but his knowledge of healing & living & the reason he is alive today are so inspirational that I can't help but want to read all of his thoughts and challenge my mind & ask questions. 
*** I think in the time I have been reading his blogs (since they started) I have become so open to lots of points of views and I am now embracing life (got out of my rut!) and questioning my beliefs.I am also sharing his knowledge with the voluntary work I do with the Cancer Council in facilitating a Cancer Support Group in my local town. I bring in some topics to discuss so they too can see there are other ways to do things and you don't have to accept one point of view. I see these people walk out feeling a lot calmer that they can own their feelings/thoughts becoz they've been allowed to talk about them!!...
*** So Ian...I'm using your work in lots of ways and I'm so appreciative to be able to receive the blogs. Thank you ~thank you ~thank you~. I've also done your on-line meditation and have passed it on to as many as I know would be interested.(It still falls on deaf ears to others but one day I may win there too!~!) I've found it fabulous. Thanks again.
*** And finally, one I will remember on those days when writing does not come so easily:
You keep me going when I feel I can't do it anymore. Your blog is like a personal helping hand. Thank you.