30 March 2020

Simple meditation for complex times

Leave it as it is – the direct approach to meditation...

We are all feeling it. Life is so precious and yet so uncertain. Tension is everywhere; anxieties high. Happily, much good material is being made available to support and guide us in these times with many making very well rounded and well crafted offerings.

But maybe there is room for some simplicity; the simplicity of a direct approach into meditation. So maybe take a few minutes and try this, but first

            Thought for the day   

    Remember, when it comes to our meditation, 
    There is the direct approach, 
    And the gradual approach. 

    When it is all flowing easily, 
    It is as if there is nothing to do. 
    This is the direct approach of no method. 
    We simply let go and be still. 

    At other times we need the support of a technique. 
    This is the gradual approach. 
    We learn. We practise. 
    We delight in the method, the technique. 

    And once again, 
    We come to experience 
    The deep natural peace.

                Ian Gawler – Blue Sky Mind

LEAVE IT AS IT IS – The Direct Approach of just sitting

Create an environment in which you can remain undisturbed for the period of time you will be devoting to “just sitting”. And a tip – once you have the knack with this, the place you do it in could be anywhere, but for starters, a quiet space may be helpful.

Sit with an upright, open and inspired posture – think of the way a mountain sits. Meditation is about being relaxed and alert, so make yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable.

Eyes open or closed, whatever feels better for you.

You may like to take a deeper breath or two to help settle into your body.

Give yourself mental permission. There is nowhere else you need to be right now; nothing else you need to be doing; no one else you need to be pleasing or satisfying. Now is the time to simply be… to be your self.

Allow yourself to be open to this moment… its sounds… its smells… any feelings you notice… any thoughts that come into your awareness. Allow whatever comes into this moment to simply be. And leave it as it is. No struggle. No effort. Nothing to resist. Nothing to change or to be achieved. Simply leave it as it is…

Just sit and be free to be your self.

Give your self complete space and freedom
to just sit.

There is no meaning in just sitting;
no purpose, and no goal.

Just this.

Just sitting.

Leave it as it is.

Let these moments simply unfold.

Enjoy the spaciousness. Be simple. Be free.

And leave it as it is…

Blue Sky Mind

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