22 October 2018


Want to keep in touch, meditate with me, continue to learn and deepen your meditation, and use my guided exercises via a simple to use App?

All this is now possible with the My Meditation app. It provides both a complete meditation course as well as support for your practice. It has a new, updated version and is working reliably.

This week, a request for you to join me via the app (with details of how to access it further down this post), plus details of what the app offers and how to use it, but first

         Thought for the day

                If the doors of perception were cleansed

                Everything would appear
               As it is …

                          William Blake

The My Meditation app has been named to make it easy. “What meditation app are you using to learn, deepen and support your meditation?” My Meditation App!

The app itself has grown out of several years developing a web based meditation program (Mindbody Mastery), and 3 years of app development with my partner in this venture, Saurabh Mishra.

Earlier research showed that within 3 months, people using this program actually tripled the amount of practice they did, and even more amazingly, they tripled their sense of satisfaction with their practice.

This latest release of the app is comprehensive in the features it offers, and it is working very reliably.

It provides a complete meditation course, as well as a support for your practice.

While you can download all the exercises from day one and simply use the practice functions of the app, there is a complete training offered through the app.

This will be excellent as a meditation review for many of you, but as the course unfolds, it does include a thorough training in contemplation and guided imagery - with the support of guided exercises for those practices as well.

How the teaching component works
The teaching program is structured over an initial period of 8 weeks. Each week you are provided with the appropriate guided exercise to practice for that week, along with a PDF delivered to your email explaining what to do. Also, daily emails are integrated into the program to add extra tips, insights and inspiration.

In the first 8 weeks we cover relaxation, concentration, mindfulness, stillness, contemplation on gratitude and guided imagery. Then the program moves on to consolidate meditation with additional exercises to download, all supported by the daily emails.

Meditate with me - virtually

A new feature we have finally been able to implement (this was the hardest thing for our talented developers to work out how to do) is that twice a week I have set up a group meditation that we can all link to.

I will be practicing with you at home or wherever I happen to be - the joys of an app - and you will receive an automatic reminder and can then join in with me and others wherever you happen to be around the world.

Personally, I find meditating together like this quite inspiring and very helpful for deepening practice, so look forward to continuing this.

Once you have signed up to the app, it is quite easy to opt in.

If you choose, you can also use the app to set up your own separate virtual meditation group with your friends.

Contemplation and Guided Imagery
To be frank, the real aim of the app has been to encourage and support people to develop a daily meditation practice and sustain it. We know from experience that this is not easy, so we have taken a long view to this.

The first year of the program is devoted primarily to all facets of Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation. Then, in the second year, we move on to focus for 6 months on Contemplation, followed by 6 months on Guided Imagery. The teachings are quite comprehensive and will hopefully help you expand your understanding and use all of these key practices.

What else can I do with My Meditation app ?

Access a range of useful guided exercises (same content as the earlier Mindbody Mastery program).

Customise your practice sessions - you can combine exercises, add bells to start and finish and include silent times as you choose - a very popular feature. Means you can personally adjust how much silence you want and set the content and length of what you listen to.

Join virtual meditation groups - I have setup virtual group meditation sessions at 8pm AEST for every Tuesday and 12 noon AEST on Wednesdays. If you are in USA or Europe, one of these times should still work well for you. Once you join a group, the app lets you know when the next session is about to start. Then at the allotted time, you just open the app and the tracks I have chosen are broadcast for all to hear, and we meditate together.

Be supported with daily emails that are fully integrated with the program.

There is a mindfulness reminder bell function that you can set for whenever you choose.

Many enjoy this function too - at the times you set the bell will sound on your phone reminding you to pause, check your mindfulness and your state of relaxation too if you choose, recalibrate if necessary, and then go on with your day more mindfully.

Please do give us feedback
We are very happy with this new release and feedback from early users has been very positive, however, the app will continue to be upgraded based on feedback and new developments, so please do share with me any questions or feedback - via info@insighthealth.com.au.

Getting started 

The Cost
Only US$5.99 per month, or alternately you can take 3-month (US$16.99), 12-month (US$43.99) or 36-month (US$109.99) subscriptions that come with substantial discounts. Of course there is a free trial option, but why not dive in???

For iPhone/iPad users 
1. If you are viewing this on your device -  Tap here

2. If you are viewing this on your computer, you will need to use your device - iPhone, iPad etc - and go to the App Store. Search for mymeditationapp (all as one word). (Note: Ours is a new app, and you may need to scroll down the list to find it. It is called My Meditation and the title features Imageryworks - our business name. Persevere and you will find it!) Download the app, sign up, and off you go.

For Android users 
1. if you are viewing this on your device – Tap here

2. If you are viewing this on your computer, you will need to use your phone etc and go into Playstore. Search for My Meditation app. Download it, sign up, and off you go.

To visit the related website, go to www.meditationapp.net

Some extra clarity
Some of you may have been using, or heard of the Meditation Gateway app, which is a precursor of the My Meditation app.

With very similar features, we made Meditation Gateway app an open platform where any meditation teacher can upload their own material and offer their programs to their students.

We are also looking to offer this platform to corporations like Health Insurance funds, who are happier to endorse a multi-teacher platform so their members can have a choice of programs that suit their particular requirements.

The Meditation Gateway app is currently being upgraded to the same new standards as My Meditation, however, it is still a work in progress and will be released in its new format in a few weeks.

My material is also available in the Meditation Gateway app and there it is called Mindbody Mastery. The content is very similar to that on the My Meditation app, so if you are using that already, no need to switch. There are virtual group meditation sessions in this program too.

Thanks to those of you already involved in this new network of app meditators; looking forward to linking with more of you...

Please do consider sharing these details with your friends
We are hoping this app will make it possible to help many people in a very direct way.  The more of us using it, the more momentum we will all gather… You can use this link

THE NEED - a quote…

Historically, the general public has not conceptualized meditation as a quick fix toward anything. It is a skill or state one learns and practices over time to increase one’s awareness, and through this awareness gain insight and understanding into the various subtleties of one’s existence. Training the mind in awareness, non-judgmentalness, and the ability to become completely free of thoughts or other activity are daunting accomplishments. 

While some meditators may feel these tasks are easy, they likely overestimate their own skills due to a lack of awareness of the different degrees to which these tasks can be done or the ability to objectively measure their own progress. Since becoming an expert at simple skills such as swimming, reading, or writing (which can be objectively measured by others) takes a considerable amount of time, it follows that meditation would also take a long period of time to master. 

Comparative Effectiveness Reviews  (No. 124 : Meditation Programs for Psychological Stress and Well-Being) prepared for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.



Reconnecting to Ourselves

3rd - 9th December 2018

Yarra Valley Living Centre, Victoria

This is an opportunity to take time out and deeply reconnect with your self through a nourishing and rejuvenating week of meditation and self compassion practices.

Enjoy gentle movement, delicious vegetarian meals made with love, and time and space to relax in a beautiful, natural environment.

Very highly recommended. This will be a wonderful, wonderful week...

Details - Click here


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