30 November 2015

Free drugs - available now

Cannabis, cocaine, LSD, amphetamines… Maybe you do not want them, but you could have them all for free.


What about free antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants? Yep, them too! Anticancer drugs? Immuno-stimulants? Anti-cholesterol drugs? Antipsychotics? No problem. All free.

Really! Where from?

This week we find out, and it may come as a surprise. And then access to a great conference made possible with a good discount, but first

               Thought for the day

       I know what the great cure is.

       It is to give up, to relinquish, to surrender,
       So that our little hearts may beat in unison
       With the great heart of the world. 

                                   Henry Miller

Well here it is. Drugs HQ

Commonly known as your own brain – the central pharmacy that controls the production and administration of more useful chemicals than any individual pharmaceutical company.

We manufacture multitudes of medications: antibiotics, antimitotics, painkillers, antipyretics, anxiolytics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, immunostimulants, anticholesterols, antihypertensives, antipsychotics, cancer drugs, and more.

We can also activate other parallel circuits involving natural counterparts to more culturally and medically scandalous substances: anandamide (cannabis), alcohol, amphetamines, nicotine, cocaine, LSD, endorphins, and more.

The initiator of this whole pantheon of drugs is you. Me. Every one of us. It starts within our brains and finds fruition in our many organs, glands, even individual cells.

Some drugs are produced on demand. Cut a finger for example and antihistamines, anticoagulants, immunostimulants, natural antibiotics, pain killers – and plenty more – all go into production spontaneously. No conscious effort required. Body knows what to do. Amazing.

Some drugs we access “incidentally”. Have a good laugh and a cascade of endorphins is transported around the body. Immerse yourself in gratitude and dopamine flows out. Be inspired and feel the serotonin surging. A very natural high.

Then some drugs can be induced by what we do deliberately. Meditate and a long list of beneficial drugs is created. Consider just a couple - the master hormone melatonin, regulator of sleep, major controller of immune function and many other hormones are produced en masse when we meditate.

Interferon is known to be produced in significant amounts when meditating and has a powerful affect on immune function – and being naturally produced it comes free of the unwantedside-effects so often associated with taking the isolated drug interferon as a medication.

So the point is – get excited!

Be respectful. Your body is amazing. Truly amazing. Resist the temptation to think that all health issues need some external, high-tech solution. There is nothing as high-tech as your own body. Give your body the right conditions, learn how it works and how you can best support it to function at its amazing best, and enjoy this precious life. Along with its free drugs…..

Meditate, not medicate.


Happiness and its causes is one of Australia's very best conferences   -  2nd and 3rd  April 2016

Delve into the mind and its role in our happiness, health and of course, wellbeing. This conference is highly recommended and through my association with the organisers and having spoken there a few times in the past, there is a great discount on offer if you use the code MBM, plus they have an early bird rate:


Happiness is important. It is important for your own life satisfaction and enjoyment.
It is equally important for your family, the people in your care and the people you work with.

Discover how rituals and habits help us achieve lasting change with world-leading positive psychology lecturer Tal Ben-Shahar (Israel). Learn how to boost happiness with ground-breaking happiness researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky (USA). Explore the power of music to enhance our wellbeing with music maestro Richard Gill OAM.

Hear how cutting-edge technology can help us take control of our health with former executive editor of Wired Magazine Thomas Goetz (USA). Rethink the heart of health with pioneering paediatrician Dr Alan Greene (USA). Ditch the guilt and learn to eat joyfully with leading nutritionist Joanna McMillan.

Become aware of your emotional triggers with emotions researcher Eve Ekman (USA). Use laughter as an antidote to stress with coach and comedian Anthony Ackroyd. Explore the power of identity and connection with acclaimed Indigenous author Anita Heiss.

Be moved by the courage of pioneering surgeon Munjed Al Muderis who fled war-torn Iraq and came to Australia as a refugee by boat. And be touched by top-rating drive time host Richard Glover’s revealing exploration of his family life.

A showcase of 100 innovative companies, free interactive seminars, fitness zone, wellness kitchen, wellness bookshop, meet-the-author sessions and more! Spend your breaks browsing the latest in health and wellbeing. Automatic entry for conference delegates!


Book online using VIP code MBM or call (02) 8719 5118 to register

                             35+ speakers, 5 international experts, 6 workshops, 1 masterclass


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  1. Although I just read this article, I love every bit of it and enjoyed it. As soon as I got sick a few years ago and within minutes of receiving a diagnostic, i.e. before having heard from you Mr. Gawler, my min and heart immediately jumped to prior knowledge in the following manner: ''When I cut myself, my body immediately starts the healing process and when I cut myself deeper I may need some stitches, nevertheless, my body is still healing itself with some help.'' I give credit for this way of thinking to my great birth family (my father, my mother, their brothers, sisters, cousins) who have all hosted at different points in their life, different family members who were sick and in need of hope, peace, love, and healing. The comment at this time was: ''Your grand-father or your uncle or aunt is here to heal. The body can heal.'' I personally heard this comment often as many family members stayed with my family for months. My parents always enjoyed it, believed in healing and still do it today at 88 and 85 years old. What we learn in our own family really shapes who we are, what we believe in. Then meditation came in my life when I read your books Dr. Gawler. Thank you for this article.