24 March 2014

Size does matter! Dogs, telomeres, cancer and you

Ever wondered why dogs age so much faster than their owners? Interested in how it may be possible to help dogs with cancer through natural means – and what we may infer from this for us humans?

This week we go Out on a Limb and consider how telomere support may not only delay aging but may even be helpful against cancer. Also, an important reminder that the early bird discounted rate to attend Meditation in the Desert closes soon – March 31st, but first

               Thought for the Day

                      When another person makes you suffer
                      It is because he suffers deeply within himself
                      And his suffering is spilling over.
                      He does not need punishment,
                      He needs help. 

                            Thich Nhat Hanh

Remember how we often say one year of dog life is equivalent to 7 years of human life? Remember telomeres? They are the protective caps on the end of our DNA. I have written a couple of previous blogs on how aging in humans is directly related to the rate at which our telomeres shorten (see links below) so maybe it is not surprising to learn that research published recently showed that the aging of dogs, cats and horses is all directly associated with telomere shortening.

This research also found that in broad terms the telomere biology of canines and humans is similar, but that dogs lose telomere DNA about 10 times faster than humans. Also, the lifespan of each particular dog breed correlates positively with the average telomere length of that particular breed.

This is linked to another fact you probably are aware of and that is certain breeds of dogs are much more likely to die at a younger age and also to get more cancers than other breeds.

Boxers are a good example of this – they die young and are very prone to cancer – and as a breed they have relatively short telomeres!

REFERENCE: Fick L J et al. Telomere Length Correlates with Life Span of Dog Breeds. Cell Reports 2, 1530–1536, December 27, 2012

The original paper includes a  ‘List of Average Telomere Lengths and Life Spans for 15 Major Breeds Examined’.  To read it CLICK HERE      

Coming from a veterinary background myself, I have been very interested to hear from people giving their animals Product B. Product B is the synergistic combination of herbs that is the only Australian product currently registered as providing telomere support by the TGA.

I have a friend whose Golden Retriever was diagnosed about 2 years ago with an extensive and very difficult cancer. I had referred this friend to a top Veterinary surgeon who was able to operate where others had said they could not, but even so the operation was only partially successful and the prognosis was given that the dog was very unlikely to live beyond Christmas of 2012.

I remember visiting in October 2013. The dog was running around like a spring puppy, full of beans and showing no signs of the cancer. Sadly she did deteriorate rapidly just before this last Christmas and died having lived both very well and way beyond reasonable expectations.

Was the dog just lucky? Was it the Product B she was given twice daily?

Through my old veterinary friend Trevor Chatham who many will know is passionate about Product B, I have become aware of numerous other dogs that have been given Product B. It seems that in nearly every case the dogs have responded very well to the product and have started aging youthfully!

According to Trevor, conditions in dogs and cats that may be helped by giving them a Telomere Support product such as Product B include:
1.   Slowing down and decreased mobility due to old age

2.   Hormonal issues related to old age

3.   Some cancers

Trevor has collected some amazing stories that support his conclusions and you will find them inspiring. I would love to hear from anyone else who has an animal and Product B story.

1. Vicky’s dog had a Grade 2 Mast Cell Tumour :  Click here.

2. Margo’s 18 year old dog :  Click here.

3. Garth’s 10 year old dog :  Click here.

The significance of telomeres and their length is becoming more and more evident. The faster your telomeres shorten, the more rapidly you show the signs of ageing and the more likely you are to get any of the chronic degenerative diseases. For anyone who does happens to get cancer, the evidence is clear. The more you can protect or lengthen your telomeres, the more likely you are to survive.

Speaking more generally again, the evidence also suggests that the more you can protect your telomeres and maintain their length, the more good health is likely to last into a long and vibrant old age.

We know that a healthy lifestyle and meditation can protect telomeres and both have been associated with actually lengthening them. Both make sense on telomere grounds!

Product B is the only product to have been registered to date with the TGA (Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration) as a formulation that provides telomere support as well as for its other potential benefits. I have been recommending it to others for around 18 months now and have had nothing but good feedback,

Speaking personally, I have been taking Product B myself for over 18months and notice real benefits. I am convinced my memory has improved, my energy levels are higher (they were already pretty good) and from all the science, it is highly likely the telomeres are longer! It is the only supplement I take these days unless travelling when I usually take some extra multivitamin/minerals and Vit C.

Also, if cancer came again, Product B would be the one herbal combination I would take. This is based on the research collated on the HerbalTS website I put together where Product B can be ordered: CLICK HERE www.herbalts.net

Wishing you and your animals long and healthy lives!

Is this the elixir of youth?

DNA and the dangly bits

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  1. Yes Ian, We have certainly seen many dogs improve quite dramatically after being given Product B on a daily basis. A number of people who started their dogs on it were so impressed with the response they saw in the dogs that they then started to take it themselves.
    I guess they also realized that there is no placebo affect in a dog and that the Product B was working.
    We have also seen amazing improvements with many people. More energy, better mental clarity, improved athletic performance, speedier recovery after exercise, more rapid healing after surgery, improved skin and a general feeling of youthfulness and well-being are often reported.
    Trevor Chatham BVSc.