25 January 2024

The Gawler Meditation Teacher Training – May and November 2024

Have you ever considered becoming a teacher of meditation? Some make a career out of it; many teach part-time within their communities, workplaces, schools; there are many possibilities…

Having led my first meditation teacher training program way back in 1988, it is a real delight to be able to offer 2 programs in 2024. Ruth and I love teaching teachers and we will be joined by Murray Paterson who has a wealth of experience in adult education and meditation practice and teaching.

These Gawler meditation teacher trainings will be personalised, interactive and fun. They will be informed by ancient wisdom, our collective experiences, and the best of modern research. Maybe it is time to join us?, but first

Thought for the day

Learning to meditate is the greatest gift 

You can give yourself or another in this life.

For it is only through meditation 

That we can undertake the journey

To discover our true nature,

And so find the stability and confidence 

We will need to live, and to die, well.

We are calling these the Gawler meditation teacher trainings. There are two modules. Each stands independently, but ideally you would join both as they do build on and complement each other. Completing both trainings does meet the 80 hour learning requirement that is an essential pre-requisite for joining Meditation Australia. Our courses are accredited by Meditation Australia for this purpose. 

Each module is fully residential. Sure, many people do like to learn things online and often do so successfully, but this is meditation. It is best learnt directly, in person. Also, by being residential there is a huge bonus. You leave your normal life behind for a few days and in doing so, you can concentrate fully on the program, and importantly, you will have some time to yourself…

Have you ever been on a holiday where it was fun, yet you returned and a few days later it was all over; almost forgotten? Sure, the schedules are quite full for the trainings, but we have factored in some free time for self-reflection, walking amongst the beautiful – and inspiring – grounds of the Yarra Valley Living Centre; and there are the dual possibilities of time to talk with like-minded people, and some time for simply being quiet. It will be worth the effort to make the time, to travel and to attend in person. Come back from this and life will be different, and you will have a skill you can use into the future…

Meditation Teacher Training – Module 1: Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation

11am Monday 6th to 3.30pm Friday 10th May, 2024

The Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation module will cover all the essentials of how to present a meditation course in-person or online. 

(Yes we do help you with how to present online as we recognise so many people are requesting this for actual meditation programs). 

A comprehensive approach to meditation that covers preparation, relaxation, concentration and mindfulness plus stillness. 

An approach to meditation that goes to the very essence… 

Theory, delivery, session structures, promotion, finances, the special challenges and needs of online courses, and more…

Developed for those new to teaching meditation, and for those wanting to go further.

Meditation Teacher Training – Module 2: Contemplation

11am Saturday 2nd to 3.30pm Wednesday 6th November, 2024 

(inc Melbourne Cup holiday on the 5th for Victorians)

So many people in so many domains recommend the benefits of contemplation. Yet who is teaching how to do it? Very few it seems… This contemplation training will position you to be able to offer your community something of great value – a reliable way to practice contemplation. This training is also manual based and will enable you to deliver a much-needed program.

Of great personal value, this training is suitable for those new to teaching meditation, and for those wanting to go further. 

Highly experiential, it will provide a review of the first module that will have given more attention to the basics of how to develop, manage and deliver a meditation program or course. 

Here we will give some attention to theory, research, delivery, session structures, promotion, finances, the special challenges of online courses, but the emphasis will be on experiencing the key practices of contemplation, and working on how to best present a course focussing upon contemplation.

As a feature, ongoing mentorship can be considered for people completing these trainings.

Additional information and Booking details are available via this link

How to apply for either or both meditation teacher trainings:

1.     The first step is to contact our Retreat Manager, Sandy Clinton and express your interest via sandy@insighthealth.com.au or call 0432 240 427. 

Sandy will reply with more program details and forward our Application Form. 

2.     Once Sandy has received your completed application, she will arrange a short phone conversation to clarify what the trainings offer, discuss your needs, answer any questions and ensure the program is suitable for you. 

3.     Once accepted for the training(s), you pay a deposit or full fee to reserve your place.

4.     Full payment is due 3 weeks prior to the commencement of your training.


It is back! After COVID, lock downs, so many ups and downs… 

Join us for the very popular Meditation in the Forest 7 day meditation retreat. 

Open to and suitable for both those newer to meditation, and those more experienced. 

Relaxation, mindfulness, stillness and awareness. 

Ruth and I will be joined by the Melissa Borich who brings all her experience in personal practice and teaching yoga and meditation for many years. 

For your part? 

Simply make the time and come along…

Relax. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Yarra Valley with its big trees, fresh air, beautiful grounds, the Little Yarra River, and sublime meditation sanctuary.

You can simply let go, and let be…

TIMES: Saturday 22nd June starting at 11am to 2pm Friday 28th June (after lunch) 2024

VENUE: The Yarra Valley Living Centre, 55 Rayner Crt, Yarra Junction, Victoria, Australia

DETAILS and BOOKINGS: Will be posted on the website soon, and will be featured in the next blog… 



  1. Thanks to some of the Meditation Training I did with you Ian, I now share Meditation to many people with my own training.. Thank you.

  2. Sounds wonderful
    You are so good to put on Training Sessions like this to keep the Gift of Meditation alive
    I will spread the word

  3. Looking forward to it