18 March 2023

Ian Gawler’s Easter Meditation Retreat – online and in person

Mind in Comfort and Ease – the essence of meditation; its theory and its practice

Having first taught meditation in 1981 – 42 years ago - and having studied and practiced meditation consistently throughout that time, one might hope to have something worthwhile to impart...

So this Easter I will be having another crack at it… 

Want to join in with what will be an urban retreat where you can attend in person or online?

Urban as in non-residential.

What will be featured

1.     A relaxed, balanced pace so you can gain from the Easter break, but still accomplish something meaningful and worthwhile.

2.     Very specific and complete instruction on relaxation, concentration, mindfulness, contemplation guided imagery and meditation, with plenty of time to ask questions and seek clarifications.

                                Suitable for beginners and the experienced alike

3.     Plenty of time for both guided and personal practice, all leading up to the direct experience of the inner peace, clarity and stillness of meditation itself.

4.     A thorough tour through the key elements of Buddhist psychology and philosophy that provide a framework into which the deeper experiences of meditation do fit; and which can help us to integrate and live by the profound View meditation offers.

5.     Time in noble company – time to contemplate and discuss with like-minded peers these key points.

                   Let your mind settle naturally and simply rest in pure awareness


I will be presenting from the Melbourne Rigpa Centre (a Tibetan Buddhist group I have been involved with for nearly 40 years) and online, while other in-person groups will be held by senior meditation teachers simultaneously at the following locations. 

So to be clear, you can gather with like-minded people online, or join us in person at one of these locations:

Adelaide: 310 South Terrace, Adelaide

Brisbane: 2/19 Enoggera Terrace, Red Hill

Melbourne: 803 Nicholson Street, Carlton North

Sydney: 158 Australia Street, Newtown

Newcastle: Multifencing, Unit 18/26 Oakdale Rd, Gateshead 


Friday 11.00am – 6.00pm,
 Saturday 9.15am – 6.00pm
, Sunday 9.15am – 6.00pm,
 Monday 9.15 – 4.00pm

Also, as each day is fairly self-contained, partial attendance is possible. 

Obviously, attending the complete program is recommended…

Bookings: Essential – click HERE

Now, because meditation is so simple in its essence, to celebrate a post on this next meditation retreat, it makes sense – in a perverse sort of way – to prompt you to contemplate your motivation courtesy of what is the longest ever 

       Thought for the Day

Because we are not so good, we try to improve ourselves. 

That is our true nature. 

And we are aware of it

— we have some intention to improve ourselves. 

This intention is limited to human beings. 

Flowers come out in the spring without fail, 

But they do not make any effort; 

They automatically come out—that is all. 

We also try to open our flower in the spring, you know. 

We try to do right things at the right time. 

But we find it very difficult—even though we try to do it, we cannot. 

This is our human nature. 

We always try to do something. 

We always have some difficulties. 

But this point is very important for us. 

It is why we have pleasure as human beings

—because things are difficult and we are always making some effort. 

That effort results in the pleasure of human life, 

A pleasure limited to human beings. 

This is called our true nature. 

If you understand this true nature, 

You will find out the true nature within yourself and in every existence. 

Flowers have this nature. 

Even when it is cold, they are preparing for spring, 

Even though they do not know they are making a good effort to come up in spring. 

When we become aware of it, 

We will know that this nature we have is universal to every existence. 

Again, this awareness of true nature is limited to human beings, 

So it is very important. 

This is the awareness, in short, of trying to do something good. 

It is our spirit. 

We do not know why we should try to improve ourselves. 

No one knows. 

There is no reason for it; it is beyond discussion. 

Our true nature is so big. 

It is beyond comparison, beyond our intellectual understanding, 

So it does not make any sense. 

Those who are aware of it will laugh at you if you discuss about why it is so. 

“What are you talking about?” 

It is too big a problem to discuss. 

This is why we bow to Buddha.

    From the oldest extant recording of a dharma talk by Suzuki Roshi

              Given in Los Altos, California - 22nd July 1965


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