23 January 2023

Top 10 reasons to meditate

Here is something interesting; a new definition of meditation – courtesy of the The National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Therapies in the USA: Learning to focus our attention and suspend the stream of thoughts that normally occupy our mind.

There are many definitions of meditation, and often they relate to why we meditate. So this week, the top 10 reasons why people meditate, but first

       Thought for the day

             The next big movement

                  Is Stillness


Some people, meditate as a regular and key part of their spiritual practice. For others, motivation can be more practical amidst a busy life in a secular world. Top 10 reasons to meditate? Not necessarily in order of Importance or usage…

Stress Reduction

Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and improve overall health. How? Regular practice allows our whole system to regain its balance, like hitting the refresh button. This regained balance helps reduce the likelihood of developing any chronic, degenerative disease such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. See the research summarized on our Allevi8 website. 

Stronger Immunity

Meditation supports and strengthens the body's overall immune response. 

Research has proven this and has also shown people who meditation regularly take far fewer sick days. 

Increased energy 

Take away stress and we take away wasted energy. It is tiring to be filled with physical or inner tension. Meditate and feel more alive, more energetic. Meditate and feel more interest in, and enthusiasm for life, even during challenging and stressful periods. 

Less affect from aging

Still more research shows people who meditate regularly actually age more slowly. The figure is quoted that regular meditators are actually around 15 years younger physiologically, as compared to their chronological age!


Meditation, particularly when it starts with a deliberate focus upon physical relaxation, leads to a deep sense of inner peace, calm and clarity. When we are relaxed, our body will be healthier, we see things more clearly, and we are much more likely to make good decisions and therefore have a better, healthier and more satisfying life. 

Better Relationships, Increased Understanding

When we are relaxed in body and mind, we also can be more open with others; less defensive, more capable of maintaining healthy boundaries, more loving, compassionate and empathetic. No wonder, many psychologists now recommend meditation as a powerful adjunct when helping their clients. No wonder schools and businesses are supporting meditation; it makes people easier to get on with, to become nicer people. Meditation also helps us to go beyond learned behaviours, biases and opinions in order to better understand other people’s viewpoints without anger or agitation.

Improved Concentration

Phones, computers, the pace of daily life – so many potential distractions… 

No wonder so many struggle with their ability to concentrate. 

Meditation helps us to learn – or re-learn - how to concentrate, to be clearer about what to concentrate upon, and then to actually do it – concentrate!

Improved Intuition

As we meditate more and the mind settles, we see things more clearly and we can access our own inner wisdom. When we are busy all the time there is so much inner noise. We can lose touch with who we really are and what is most important to us. Regular meditation helps us connect with that deep, still inner voice known as intuition, and by hearing and listening to that intuition, we are highly likely to make better and more effective decisions about our lives and its possibilities. 

Improved Performance 

With a clearer mind, more relaxed body, enhanced ability to make good decisions, focus and follow through, the reality is meditation enhances pretty well anything we do. As well as improving relationships, meditation is being used, and research shows it does have real benefit in sport, education, business; most things we human beings get involved with…

Getting to know the real me

Traditionally, meditation has been at the heart of spiritual practice in all the great religious traditions. 

These days, whether in a religious tradition or not, many recognize how meditation gives us the techniques to explore and gain personally satisfying answers to the 3 big questions of life: 

Who am I? 

What is life? (as in what is its meaning) 

Where am I going? (after I die). 

Thousands of years of experience tells us meditation delivers on this promise… 


Just do it!




My most recent meditation book, Blue Sky Mind, will be useful for beginners and the experienced alike.


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  1. Thank you Ian. Since your and Ruth's 2017 and 2018 Meditation in the Forest courses I have be a regular meditator and am experiencing the benefits you describe. Wonderful !

  2. Thanks Ian. Always useful observations. May 2023 be a ‘well’ year for you and Ruth.

  3. Thank you both Ian and Ruth.. Since your visit to WA and your book so many many years ago I have explored meditation. Daily morning and evening meditation simply expressed is a ‘life’ giver! ✨🙏🏾✨

  4. Wishing you well into a long future together 🏯♥️ thank you for all you do