16 August 2021

Transforming lockdown in just 4 do-able steps

From what I am hearing, this latest round of lockdowns in Australia seems to be hitting many people far harder than the earlier ones. Previously, it was tough, very tough for some, but the lockdowns had the sense of being manageable. Seems like we may have reached a collective tipping point. 

So what to do? This week 4 simple, practical tips – all very do-able, especially for you meditators whether lapsed or current practitioners, or maybe 5, but first 

                 Thought for the day

                      Train your mind

                      As you would your dog

                     And the results

                     Will be wonderful

                                Rabbi Laibl Wolf

Transforming lockdown 

1. Practice meditation with a deep relaxation edge – just 10 – 20 minutes a day

We are in lockdown. Who has not got 10 – 20 minutes a day to regain this sense of profound physical and inner balance? That is all it takes to let go of tension, regain clarity and poise. At the same time, with the deep relaxation, we avert any risk of gathering a stress-related illness through the lockdown.


Just 10 – 20 minutes a day.

If you have not already, download the free Allevi8 app and listen to the Daily Practice daily!

Join the community of meditators who gather for the free Monday night group meditation sessions on Zoom – led by the great group of meditation teachers that also provide the individual meditation mentoring service for those who would like personalised teaching and support to practice.

2. Exercise most days – ideally daily

Again, this is ideal for your body and to get out in fresher air for a while.


Exercise at your own level. 

If you are fit, then go for it. 

If you need to be more reserved, the ideal level of exercise is one where you can keep up a conversation while doing it, and where you feel better at the end when compared to when you started.

3. Make a determined effort to generous of spirit – all the time

Recognise not everyone is coping so well. Some are really struggling with livelihoods at risk, families under great pressure. 


As much as possible, cut some slack; but more, do your best to be understanding, tolerant – and nice!

4. Practice gratitude – to you self and others – all the time

There are quite a few grumpy people around at present. Lots of glass half full stuff going on. Lots of fear, apprehension, anxiety; lots of genuine concern.


Again, as much as possible, recognise this is a time to look for the things we can be grateful for. This is very easy once you make the determination to do it. 

Everyone you meet or interact with has something they do that can be acknowledged, highlighted and serve as a source of gratitude. 

Same with our selves. Be generous of spirit, give emphasis to what you are doing well, go gentle on the touchy bits and acknowledge all the things that do warrant your own gratitude. 

Develop an attitude of gratitude…


I hope not many others of you are Melbourne AFL supporters like me! After years of being very ordinary, here we are with our team top of the table in the middle of a pandemic lockdown. May not get to see any live finals. May not get to see a live grand final.

So if you think things are bad…

NOW, before some get too verbal, cut some slack… Maybe what really helps with transformation is


Develop, or maintain a sense of humour!!!


  1. Pretty sure that the 'tipping point' is that we are finally realising that we have all been part of a massive over-reaction and that the truth is finally getting out.