19 April 2021

Allevi8 online meditation mentoring program now available

We probably all know someone who is dealing with a major physical or mental illness. Maybe you are facing such challenges yourself? Our hearts go out to anyone in that situation, but what to do? How to be helpful in a meaningful way?

Mindfulness and meditation provide many answers, but how to be sure you are using the best techniques?

How to gain easy access to a good teacher? 

The Alleviate Mentor Program has been developed to provide personalised, face-to-face, 1:1 online support. 

The program has been designed so you can speak in real time to an experienced and qualified meditation teacher who will assist you to sort out what specific meditation-based techniques will help best, to deepen your experience, and to be supported to develop a regular practice. 

The program employs trained and experienced meditation teachers registered with the peak body Meditation Australia. These are all people I know well, have worked with and trust highly. They are a great team. Bookings are taken online via this link. (allevi8.net).

So this week, more news of this exciting new development that I hope will be of real service and help many, and results of evaluation of the Allevi8 App’s benefits – that are quite remarkable – it does seem the App is helping many people; but first

        Thought for the day

            The body needs movement to be healthy

                The mind needs stillness to be healthy

                    Ian Gawler


This new one-to-one meditation mentor service is something I have been working on for some time with the team at Allevi8. We all hope it will be of real benefit to those in need. The mentor program has developed from very positive feedback from the Allevi8 App and a recognition of the need to provide personalised teaching and support for those in need.

The Allevi8 App is a mindfulness and meditation-based App designed for people affected by significant physical and mental health challenges. 

It was released in 2020 and features the voices of my wife Dr Ruth Gawler and myself leading a range of techniques we have developed over decades that address mental and emotional health, pain management, sleep difficulties, healing and the urge to find meaning in difficult times. 

More details on the website allevi8.net.

The Allevi8 App and its attendant Monday group meetings on Zoom are offered freely with a pay-it-forward option. 


The Allevi8 Meditation Mentor Program provides 5 personal 1:1 sessions, each for one hour over a 12 week period. During the first session, the mentor and client get to know each other and the mentor helps evaluate their client’s needs, helping them to decide which of the Allevi8 techniques fits those needs best. 

Then, based upon the client’s existing experience, personalised instruction is offered. Beginners will be provided with a solid foundation; those more experienced meditators will be helped to both deepen and ensure their practice well suits their situation. All are supported  to become confident they are on the right track and know how to practice with the support of the App in their own time.

Over ensuing weeks, the client and mentor continue to meet, address any questions arising from the practice and continue to develop and deepen that practice. The mentor leads a personalised meditation session each time the two meet.

After the 12 week program, people may feel content and able to continue on their own, however, there is the option to meet regularly, or from time to time with your mentor.

Initial feedback has been very strong. Participants really appreciate the ease of connection provided by this online service (using Zoom); emphasising the benefit of the one-to-one opportunity to learn, ask questions and be supported. Currently, of those being mentored, around 95% report meditating daily.

While the Allevi8 App is offered freely, as are our regular group meditation sessions over Zoom every Monday (we do encourage the pay-it-forward option), this new service needs to be costed and the details are on the website where you can book at allevi8.net.


The Allevi8 mentor program was piloted in 2020/21 by Cathy Brown with a small group of people affected by significant health issues. The program received excellent feedback. 

Major reductions in anxiety and depression levels were recorded via a self-reporting questionnaire; along with significant gains in wellbeing and reductions in pain and fatigue levels. Daily meditation rates of 95% were also reported and the connection with a personal mentor was highly valued by participants. 

People likened the service to having a personal gym trainer for the mind.

We have also gathered statistics from hundreds of early users of the Allevi8 App along with the small group who have piloted the mentor program and chart those results below. Another major development is that a major hospital is well into developing a research study to evaluate the App and probably the use of the mentors in their Oncology Department.

So maybe this mentor program is for you. 

Maybe it is something you would recommend or gift to someone you know who is in need. 

More details are on our website allevi8.net and that is the place to register for the program. 

May this new development be of real benefit to many.  

Please do share with your family, friends and colleagues ...

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