10 June 2019

Is this the simple answer to climate change?

It is clear we live in deeply challenging times. The climate change threats are real. But is there a simple answer? I believe so and this week reveal what it is and how we might accomplish it. Plus a reminder of meditation workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and the Yarra Valley to feature my new book Blue Sky Mind - with both Ruth and myself, but first

      Thought for the day

           We are the ancestors of the future
           What do you want your legacy to be?

                 Julia Butterfly Hill

Maybe it is as simple as this… 

Live a life centred around high rise… 

Run the risk of becoming disconnected from community, isolated from nature, self absorbed, indifferent to food and its sources, become mindless with waste and rubbish, increasingly lose touch with the rhythms of life.

Live a life centred around a garden…

Become connected to community, grow increasingly in touch with nature, realize the interdependencies of all life, gain deep appreciation for those who grow food and any animals and people involved in providing it, become increasingly wary of chemicals used for food growing, the over refinement and processing of food, the consequences of waste and rubbish, feel a genuine engagement with natural recycling and the rhythms of life including life and death itself - in short, develop an appreciation, respect and love for life.

So the simple solution?

Get involved with a garden!

If you already have a garden, can you make it bigger?

If you do live in a high rise, have you a balcony, can you do some indoor gardening, can you join one of the increasing number of community gardens?

Do you have children, grand-children, any children you can influence?


The suggestion is, out of gardening comes a natural appreciation for nature.

Connecting with the earth, helping it to become bountiful, leads to a natural appreciation, a natural desire for conservation and a natural desire to do whatever it takes to counter climate change and preserve our wonderful planet.


And enjoy!


Join Ruth and myself as we share with you in a day of meditation.
Lovely way to connect, great opportunity to meditate together, explore the new ideas from my new book Blue Sky Mind (still waiting for copies to be printed - should be a couple more weeks), have your questions answered and enjoy a day with lots of practice together.

Melbourne - Saturday June 15th  in Brunswick

Sydney - Sunday June 30th in Newtown

Yarra Valley - July 14th at the Foundation

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