29 April 2019

Epiphany - have you ever had one? Care to share it?

Epiphany - “a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization”. These powerful insights often come unexpectedly, sometimes come following intense spiritual practice.

Almost invariably they change lives profoundly and I wonder how common they are? So a request to share details of epiphany experiences via info@insighthealth.com.au, and news of Ruth’s new ventures, but first

Thought for the day

There comes a point in your sitting 
When insights will flash into your mind. 
If you do not jot down things that you want to remember, 
This could bother you and interfere with your concentration. 
You may want to keep a pencil and notebook next to you.

Yasutani Roshi, Zen master

Actor Peter Cayote is quoted as he eloquently describes his own rather dramatic epiphany. It came as he heard the sound of a bird call…

Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! it cried — strident, insistent, obliterating all thought. Suddenly, in that momentary emptiness, its cries were transformed and I heard them as It! It! It! It! — the indisputable answer to my question. I took one more step and the world as I had always experienced it ended.

I cannot describe what happened next because in that instant language and thought fell entirely away from my existence. The boundaries between “in here” and “out there” disappeared. The world remained recognizable, as it had always been, but completely stripped of descriptive language and concepts. 

Everything appeared to be a phantom of itself, luminous but without weight or substance. “I” had been replaced. The closest I can come to describing what I felt was an awareness with no physical location, inseparable from the entire universe. Everything was precisely as it had come to be.

The power of an epiphany rests in this direct experience of non-dualistic reality. Commonly without the benefit of an epiphany, we relate to the world from the perspective of “me” and “it”. There is me and my computer. There is me and my lover. There is me and my work, my car, my dog, etc, etc… Two things. Me and all these external objects, people, things. Me and it. Duality.

And with this duality a sense of separateness; often a compensatory over-identification with self, and a depreciation of the worth of other people and things. With a dualistic perspective we often have the sense we can exploit other people, the environment, the material world. There is a disconnect.

During an epiphany, any sense of duality is transcended, and the new experience is of oneness; a non-dual state.

There is the sense of merging, of being at one with all of humanity, of being intimately connected, even intertwined with the environment, of being at one with all.

Curiously many people who have experienced this non-dual state, describe it as having lasted for just a few moments; literally seconds or maybe minutes.

Yet in this brief encounter their lives changed.

It is like they experienced a profound truth and did not forget.

This could be like someone who was raised indoors and had never seen the light of day. They would only need to be outside for a brief moment on a blue sky day to experience the truth of what a clear sky is like. Even the briefest of experiences would clearly establish what the sky is like and even if they were locked inside again immediately, that experience would stay with them and change their knowing about the world they lived in.

Now the fact is most people who have had an epiphany are profoundly affected by it. Yet there seems to be little research into this well-known phenomena; little seems to be known about it.

So I am curious. Have you had an epiphany? Do you know someone who has?
Are you willing to share your experience with me and maybe others? If you are, please write to info@insighthealth.com.au.

Here are some suggestions as to what to write…

What happened? How old were you? Where were you? What led up to the experience? What seemed to trigger it? How long did it last? What can you say of the experience? Did you tell others about it? How has it affected your life? Have you had similar experiences since?

If you would like me to ring to discuss your experience, please leave your details. If you would prefer to share just with me, or are happy to have your account retold, please make that clear. If you prefer confidentiality, that is ensured.

What I would like to do is firstly get some sense of how common these experiences are, and then for those who may like to, share with consent via the blog.

Personally I find hearing the epiphany experiences of others very inspiring.


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  1. Yes, most profoundly, when I was in my late 40s. I had gone for a long solo walk, on a silent retreat, and was sitting beside a small river when it suddenly transpired that "I" realised it was all truly perfect. Everything, including "I", was interconnected. And the world was deeply real but also somehow transformed. The butterfly was a still a butterfly but for this period of time it was also somehow a part of me. Or perhaps more accurately my sense of it and and I was lost. Even the litter that had been left by a previous being was all fine. I was as connected to it as to the butterfly as to the river as to the tree. The suffering litter was part of the whole, to be neither despised nor rejected. "I"could pick it up without resentment and I did.

    This state unfolded for quite some blessed time and has remained with me. For me love has become a deep non-dual understanding of connectedness. And in a very real sense I do not feel that it was "my"experience but Truth which passed and passes through me. I call it God but could not then say His name.