13 June 2016


Want the convenience of being able to access all your favourite meditations via an elegant, easy to use App with heaps of support features? How about customising your meditation sessions or meditating with friends in a virtual group? 

Well, all this and more is now possible.

I am thrilled to be able to tell you that all my key guided practices and teachings from the Mindbody Mastery program are now available through the just released Meditation Gateway App

Easy to use, intuitive in its design, the App has a host of features to inspire, instruct and support you as you deepen your experience of relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, imagery and contemplation.

Available for a modest monthly subscription, you can access all this today using any Apple smartphone or ipad; the Android version will follow shortly.

Go to the Meditation Gateway App and join Mindbody Mastery.

More details follow, but first

     Thought for the day

          If your mind is empty, 
          It is always ready for anything; 
          It is open to everything. 

          In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, 
          In the expert’s mind there are few.

                    Suzuki-Roshi, Zen master

Download the App, subscribe to the Mindbody Mastery program

The Meditation Gateway App features meditation programs from different meditation teachers, and Mindbody Mastery program is one of them. Furthermore, we have uploaded all four versions of Mindbody Mastery – in Ruth’s voice, an American female accent, an Indian male, and my own.

Simply subscribe to the program with the voice you prefer; each program has all the features that follow…

Comprehensive meditation instructions 
Ideal for beginners or for revision.

The App will send you all my best teachings in an essentialised form. Ideal for beginners or for revision. Relaxation, concentration, mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery and contemplation; it is all there. And it comes to you progressively over time, at a pace that allows for practice and integration.

All the guided exercises and teachings are available from Day One
While instruction is sent to you progressively, we know many who will use this App are experienced meditators. Therefore, we have made all the exercises, and all the teaching texts available from Day One. This means you can customize your own practice sessions and review instructions whenever you choose.

Customised sessions 
The App allows you to customize your own meditation sessions. Combine any of the Mindbody Mastery guided exercises into your own preferred sequence. What would you choose? Relaxation and mindfulness? Imagery and meditation? It is up to you. Add any amount of silent time before, in between, or after. Like to start and finish with the sound of meditation bells? All this is readily possible, and it too is easy to set up.

Virtual meditation group 

Keep in touch. Support each other. Feel the benefit of meditating in a group, even when you cannot get to one in person.

The Meditation Gateway App and your Mindbody Mastery program make it easy for you to set up a regular, or one off time to meditate online with friends. When you do so, the App automatically updates your smartphone’s calendar and sets an alarm. With a simple push of a button, you can check-in before the start of your session to let the others know that you are in. Then you can create and play a customised session that all your group will hear simultaneously.

Customised imagery
This is a pretty cool feature!

Mindbody Mastery features the very popular gratitude contemplation. The App enables you to easily add images that remind you of things you are grateful for. Use your Smartphone’s camera to take photos that the App or use photos that are already in your smartphone’s photo gallery. The App will then show these photos on-screen during the contemplation at the appropriate times.

Daily messages synced to the teaching content 
This app has evolved out of the Mindbody Mastery program when it was first developed on-line. (www.mindbodymastery.net) The on-line program was the testing ground to develop all this fancy technology and where we learnt some important things. On average, users of the Mindbody Mastery program tripled their reported frequency of practice and maybe just as remarkably, reported that the satisfaction levels with their practice also increased three fold.

It seemed clear that a key to these improvements came through the support, instruction, inspiration and encouragement provided throughout the program. The daily e-mails will continue to be a feature with the App… Enjoy!

While not everyone’s choice, “gaming” principles have been shown to be highly effective in helping many people to establish new healthy lifestyle habits.

So “meditation gaming”. If you choose to, you can track your own practice times and then see how you are faring against the leaderboard of all the other subscribers. At the end of the calendar year, the Mindbody Mastery team will offer prizes to the top 3.

Technical support?
Run into a problem? No problem. Send us a message via the App.

Coming Attractions!
Each quarter, a new feature will be added to the Meditation Gateway App. We have some great innovations already being developed for these free add-ons and will continue to respond to user feedback and requests.

How does it work financially? 
You pay a modest monthly fee (US$6.49 or AU$9 for Mindbody Mastery) and in return gain access to this technologically sophisticated, fully integrated meditation program with all its guided exercises and supports. You can unsubscribe easily any time you choose.

Want to try it out?
Join this new meditation community via the Meditation Gateway App now.

Let me know what you think of it via the Comments section below, or via info@insighthealth.com.au.

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