14 March 2016

Cancer thriver - Jane Treleaven

Meet Jane Treleaven – another cancer thriver with a great story. While working as a highly stressed barrister, Jane was diagnosed with a slow-growing “incurable” lymphatic cancer in 2013.  Recently, Jane interviewed me and so this week, a link to the interview Essentially Being, and more, but first

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Richard Davidson

Upon diagnosis, and recognising her life was more about “Doing” than “Being”, Jane came to the Foundation, trained as a meditation teacher with myself and Ruth and transformed her life.

Now Jane holds a certificate as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and works as a wellness coach and meditation instructor helping people to be happy and well while living with cancer; thriving with cancer.  The focus?  Just being, essentially being.

You can read more of Jane’s recovery and current work via her website or her informative blog.

But now, sit back and watch as Jane and I discuss my own recovery from cancer, the work this led me to do and how to give yourself the best chance after a cancer diagnosis. We also talk about the very recent scientific developments on the link between cancer progression and stress.
Here is THE LINK

All of what we discuss applies equally to preventing cancer (and recovering from other illnesses associated with inflammation). As we know, the incidence of cancer is on the rise and there are things you can do now to reduce the risk for yourself and your loved ones.

Please feel free to share this post widely, and to comment below about your experiences.

The stress of cancer stress research



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This link is to the page on my website where other interviews and programs I have been featured in can be accessed - such as the Geraldine Doogue interview on the ABC TV Compass program

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