12 December 2014

Pearls of Wisdom

Wouldn’t it be nice to give an elegant and meaningful present? We have an innovative suggestion for you. A present that you could give at Christmas or on any special occasion, that might change the life of someone you care about for the better. Or you could even give yourself a treat…

Pearls of Wisdom

Well, here we are nearly to Christmas, and speaking personally, I love the focus it brings to catching up with friends, rounding off the cycle of the calendar year and getting together with family to share life and exchange presents.

I also love going to the Boxing Day test (one of the ritual joys of living near Melbourne) and having some real free time to reflect, regenerate and plan over the New Year period.

But then there is the waste. Packaging to throw out, and often those not-so-useful presents to confine to some back room cupboard or the bin! Actually, my family does a pretty good job in the gifts department, but we all know the problem.

So here is the new possibility…

Pearls of Wisdom

But first,

          Thought for the day

                 Find out who you are
                And do it on purpose

                               Dolly Parton

                       Pearls of Wisdom

As far as we know, there is nothing else

like this available at present.

There are three of them.

Each Pearl is a compact MP3 player
that comes in an elegant silk lined box,
complete with headphones and USB cable
for universal re-charging.

Each Pearl is designed to provide a highly transportable, sophisticated and effective way to be guided into key relaxation, mindfulness and meditation exercises.

They are a bit like a portable CD player.

You simply connect the ear phones, turn on the device, and away you go…

The Calm Pearl is designed to help relieve stress, tension and anxiety.

It comes with 2 key exercises in sequence
- the Rapid Relaxation exercise
flowing into the deeper tranquility
and stillness of meditation,
plus some quiet time.

The Pain Relief Pearl has a continuous exercise that flows on for over an hour and incorporates relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and imagery. My sense is that many people will find this one useful as a regular practice whether they have pain or not, however, experience tells us that many do find this sequence remarkably effective for pain relief.

The Sleep Pearl is specifically designed for relaxation of body and mind. Simply focusing on the Progressive Muscle Relaxation, the Sleep Pearl is accompanied by meditative, soothing music provided by world class musicians (including Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's Principal cello - Ruth’s brother David Berlin).

This Pearl is ideally suited for listening in bed, while experience again tells us that regular use during the day leads to significantly better sleep patterns – getting to sleep more quickly, sleeping deeper, returning to sleep throughout the night more easily if needed.

There is a useful discount if you purchase all 3, and all 3 come free of postage and packaging - a handy saving!

So, we hope you like them! Hope they may be a present you can give with real delight!

Please do share this post with your friends and family.

The Pearls have grown out of the work I have been doing with Mindbody Mastery, and as another exciting prospect, that on-line meditation program will be available via a radically innovative app in the New Year (we are calling it the One Meditation Network App).

Here then is the link to the Pearls once more: CLICK HERE

May the true spirit of Christmas – unconditional love – touch your heart and all those you love. 

With all our best wishes

Be well

Ian and Ruth


  1. Thanks Ian for an inspiring and informative blog throughout the year. We wish you and your family a happy safe Christmas and look forward to your blog for next year!!

  2. The link to the pearls does not work

  3. The link to the pearl ordering page does not work