08 September 2014

Ian Gawler Blog: How to manage emails easily

This week a short blog with a really useful tip on how to manage emails while away. Just back into Alice Springs last night after a wonderful 10 days spent with the delightful group that gathered for Meditation in the Desert. Came back to large numbers of emails. What to do? This week, the simple answer, but first

                            Thought for the day

                                       Thinking is harder work
                                       Than hard work

                                                  Leo Rosten

On occasions when I do go away for more than a couple of weeks, and especially if I am leading or on retreat myself, there is an out-of-office reply that seems to work very well for me and those who contact me. It saves me from having countless emails to wade through upon return, and it helps others to be clear if they really do need my attention.

It has amazed me how many people have commented on receiving this response, saying they had not thought of doing it themselves beforehand, but plan to take it on. Probably does not suit everyone’s situation, but I think it could help avoid “post retreat blues” or “back from holidays, email inspired grumpiness”. Would love to see it become office standard practise.

You might like to share this one; here it is (with my latest details in brackets)

I am away ….  (leading Meditation in the Desert) and will not be able to attend to emails again until … (Monday September 8th). Having found in the past that returning to large numbers of emails is really unhelpful, on return I will simply delete all unread emails. 

So please, if you do have something you feel I need to know about, or a question, or there is something I may be able to help with; do resend it on or after … (Monday September 8th)

be well


You may have better, more personally appropriate wording than me, but this out–of–office message makes re-opening the computer a whole lot more pleasant :)

I will put together a photo essay recounting Meditation in the Desert soon - it was magical !
(Images here from last year)

 The view for Meditation in the Desert 
- the Western MacDonnel Ranges

Early morning yoga with Ruth

Sharing stories in the dry river bed

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