16 June 2014

Passion, health and details of the 2014 Tour with Ian and Ruth Gawler

Greg and Dawn Fitzgerald are passionate about the health and wellbeing of their community. Greg is a highly experienced naturopath and Dawn runs the practice. One of the expressions of their commitment is to organize regular seminars and they will host Ruth and myself for our first speaking event as we head up the East Coast in just a couple of weeks.

So please do support Greg and Dawn and all the other amazing people who have made the effort to invite us to speak in their areas. Full details follow, or you can link here.

Maybe you can attend one of the events yourself and meet up with us once again. Maybe it is time for a refresher? Need to get back on track? Yearning to deepen your experience of meditation? Learn more about good health, natural healing and how to be happy throughout the ups and downs of a busy modern life?

Maybe you can introduce family, friends or colleagues to what we are on about? How the mind plays such a central role in our health, healing and wellbeing and how we can use the mind and its potential to build a happier, healthier and more satisfying life.

Maybe you can forward details of the events to someone you know who would benefit from attending?

So this week, details of the 2014 Tour and how it came about, but first

                             Thought for the Day

                                          The mind has 2 aspects
                                          - the active mind 
                                          And the still mind.
                                         We need to learn to use both
                                         - unless we choose to be halfwits.

The 2014 Tour – how it came into being

While going to the big cities is always good, it is wonderful to go to country areas – especially the more remote ones. So when an invitation to speak in a place like Mt Isa comes in, the thought is, “great, but how to get there and how to make it work for the locals financially?” We do not want to have to charge a fortune just to cover the travel costs.

Truth is Ruth and I receive invitations from all around the place, and so this year we decided to put most of the events together, combine them with our love of travelling this extraordinary country we live in, and make a road trip out of it.

Hence the 2014 Tour  – driving and speaking all the way up to Cairns, then across to Mt Isa and on to the red centre. There we will lead the unique and truly wonderful retreat, Meditation in the Desert, and share more time with local Indigenous elders before heading down to Adelaide for the last of the presentations.

The theme for the tour is Health, Healing and the Mind
Sure, you will learn more about the latest research findings on mindfulness and meditation and it is true that advances in neurophysiology and Mind-Body Medicine are moving ahead at a cracking pace. Fascinating and very relevant. But the real trick is to apply this knowledge amidst the busyness, the distractions, the stresses and the delights of modern life.

So all of the presentations will be highly experiential, providing the opportunity to experience mindfulness and meditation more directly. Deeper, more satisfying experience. And there will be good time for questions and discussion.

                          Speaking recently at a beautiful old country hall near Warrnambool

Ruth and I love meeting up with those we know before and after these events and we love the opportunity to meet with new people and to have a glimpse into the lives of the local communities as we travel and speak. So if you are close enough to one of the events do come along, join in, support the organizers like Greg and Dawn, and please do share the details below with people you know who will appreciate joining us.

                                       IAN GAWLER 2014 TOUR DETAILS

South Sydney Evening Public Talk  -  Medicine of the Mind 
The Complete Game Plan for Inner Peace, Health and Happiness

Date: Thursday 3rd July, 2014  from  7 – 10 pm
Venue: Doltone House, 223 Belgrave Esplanade, Sylvania Waters
Enquiries: Phone Dawn on 02 9540 1962
Bookings: Online, go to www.healthforlife.com.au or phone Dawn on 02 9540 1962

Contact: Greg and Dawn Fitzgerald
Phone: W : 02 9540 1962

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

KATOOMBA Day Workshop  Health, Healing and the Mind

Date  : Saturday 5th July 2014  from 10am (Registration 9.30) - 4pm
Venue : The Carrington Hotel  -  Katoomba  (Ballroom)
Enquiries : events@cancerhelp.net.au or phone 02 4782 4866
Bookings : Send cheques (payable to Blue Mountains Cancer Help Inc.)
                     to - PO Box 18  Katoomba NSW 2780
                    or pay online via PayPal : www.cancerhelp.net.au    
                    Or call 02 4782 4866

Contact Person: Robyn Yates
Phone: W : 02 4782 4866

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Sydney Day Workshop   Health, Healing and the Mind

Date: Sunday 6 July 2014 10am (arrive 9.30) to 4pm
Venue: Webster Theatre, Sydney University, Camperdown Campus, NSW 2006
Enquiries: Tina Rae (02) 4294 8361  OR  Anne Alkin 02 9416 5109
Bookings: Register online at www.rigpa.com.au
                    By mail : send a cheque or credit card details addressed to: Ian Gawler Seminar, Rigpa, PO Box K56  Hay Market, NSW 1240
                   By telephone call Tina Rae (02) 4294 8361 OR  Anne Alkin 02 9416 5109

Contact Person: Tina Rae
Phone: W (02) 4294 8361

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Port Stephens Day Workshop    Health, Healing and the Mind

Date: Saturday 12th July 2014 10am (arrive from 9.00am) to 4pm
Venue: Tomaree Education Centre. Salamander Way. Salamander Bay.NSW 2317
Lunch: Pre purchase on line, provided by Momo Wholefood Café.
Morning and Afternoon tea will be available for purchase on the day.
To arrange special diet orders, phone Linda on 02 49 337 849  or Email:   lodue@internode.on.net
Enquiries: Elizabeth Scheimer, Salamander Bay Natural Health Services: 0428 821 236              
Bookings: Online – go to www.iangawlerwebstore.com/events
                  Via telephone with credit card (Visa, Mastercard) - call Angela on (03) 5966 6130.
                 Tickets may be purchased from Salamander Bay Natural Health Services, 271 Soldiers Point Rd,      Salamander Bay.

Contact Person: Liz Scheimer
Personal phone: W : 0428 821 236

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Coffs Harbour Evening Public Talk   Health, Healing and the Mind

Date: Tuesday 15th July, 2014.  Starts 6.30pm (arrive 6pm) to 9.30pm
Venue: Cavanbah Centre, 191 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour
Enquiries: McRae Health, Coffs Harbour - David or Samantha, 02 6699 2073
Bookings:  Online go to iangawlerwebstore.com/events
                    Or telephone David on 02 6699 2073

Contact Person: David McRae
Phone: 02 6699 2073, 0431 622 823

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Brisbane series of presentations at the Relaxation Centre

Thursday 17 July, 7.15 - 10pm – Meditation – The Power Within Stillness
Friday 18 July  10.00am - 1.15pm - Understanding Death - Helping The Dying
Saturday 19 July, 10am - 4.30pm – Using Our Minds – They were meant to be our servants
Sunday 20 July, 10am - 4.30pm Cancer  – Insights, Wellness, Healing

Venue: Relaxation Centre of Queensland, 15 South Pine Rd, Alderley (between Alderley Ave & Wakefield St)
Enquiries: (07) 3856 3733  or  Email: relaxcentreofqld@powerup.com.au
Bookings: (07) 3856 3733  or  Email: relaxcentreofqld@powerup.com.au

Contact Person:  Lionel Fifield
Phone:  W (07) 3856 3733

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Toowoomba Evening Talk   Health, Healing and the Mind

Date:  Tuesday 22nd July, 2014, 6.30pm (arrive 6pm) to 9.30pm
Venue: Toowoomba City Golf Club, The Eagle Room, 254 South St, Toowoomba
Enquiries: Judith McDougall  (07) 4632 0686 or 0433 811 424 or devine_jude@hotmail.com
Bookings: Online go to www.eventbrite.com.au/directory/Australia/Toowoomba Ian Gawler
Or call Judith on (07) 4632 0686 or 0433 811 424

Contact Person:  Judith McDougall
Phone: M  0433 811 424

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Toowoomba  - Clinical Forum – Medicine of the Mind - Hospital staff only

Date: 23rd July 2014 10am - 12pm
Venue: Gary Davies Service Centre, Open area Baillie Henderson Hospital
Enquiries: Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, Coordinator: Sheryl Campbell 07 4699 8768
Bookings: Please pay directly to the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation using the registration form by 16th July

Contact Person: Ratna Duray
Phone: M  0412 775 839

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Bundaberg   Evening Public Talk   Health, Healing and the Mind

Date:            Tuesday 29th July 2014:  6pm (arrive 5 30) to 9pm.
Venue:         Theatre, Wide Bay Institute of TAFE, Walker Street Campus, 118 Walker Street Bundaberg,      Faldt Street Entrance
Bookings:     Admission free, bookings not required. Donation to the Gawler Foundation appreciated
Enquiries:    Margaret on 4156 3281 or 0428280908, Robyn on 0414 269 319, or Sue on 0415 302 255

Contact Person:  Dr Margaret Van Hennekeler
Personal phone:  W & H 07 4156 3281

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Bundaberg Morning Talk  - What has Meditation to offer Dementia?

Date:   Wednesday, 30th July 2014:  10.00am – 12 noon.
Venue:  Police Citizens Youth Club, 37D Maryborough St, Bundaberg South QLD 4670
Enquiries:  The co-ordinator, Lyn Acquasanta
 on  07 4130 4120
Bookings:  Please register with Lyn Acquasanta
 on  07 4130 4120

Contact Person: Lyn Acquasanta

Phone: W  07 4130 4120

No flier is currently available for this event


Cairns Day Workshop    Health, Healing and the Mind

Venue:  Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre, 348 Severin Street, Cairns
Date:  Saturday 16 August, 10am (arrive 9.30) to 4pm
Enquiries: Call 07 4041  5556 or email info@yuloling.com
Bookings: Online, go to :  www.yuloling.com    or call Rinchen on 07 4041 5556

Contact Person: Rinchen Wangmo
Phone: M  0408 415 556

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Mt Isa - Evening Public Talk   Health, Healing and the Mind

Date  : Friday, August 22nd from 7pm (arrive 6.30) to 10pm
Venue : Mt Isa Civic Centre- The Studio,  23 West St, Mt Isa
Enquiries : Janine O’Sullivan : 0487 320 191 or janine@yogawithjanine.com.au
Bookings : Online, go to www.iangawlerwebstore.com/events
                     Tickets available for purchase at yogawithjanine, TLC building , 74 Camooweal Street, Mt Isa and some local stores or call Janine on 0487 320 191

Contact Person:  Janine O’Sullivan
Personal phone: W : 0487 320 191

To download the flier, CLICK HERE

Alice Springs  -  Meditation Retreat - Meditation in the Desert

Date  : Friday, August 29th from 4pm to Sunday September 7th around 4pm
Venue : Hamilton Downs via Alice Springs
Enquiries : Online at www.iangawler.com/events
                    Email – info@insighthealth.com.au
                    Or call Ruth Gawler on 03 5966 6130
Bookings  : Online at www.iangawlerwebstore.com/events or call Ruth Gawler on 03 5966 6130

Contact Person:  Dr Ruth Gawler
Phone: W : 03 5966 6130

To download the flier, CLICK HERE


Adelaide Evening Public Talk   The Mind that Changes Everything

Date:   16 September 2014, pm 7.30 pm (arrive 7pm) to 10 pm
Venue: Police Social Club, 27 Carrington St, Adelaide
Enquiries:  Moira Joyce 0432 764 151 or Susan Hillier 0419 034 578
Bookings:  Online, go to www.trybookings.com and search Ian Gawler
                  OR call Moira Joyce 0432 764 151 or Susan Hillier 0419 034 578

Contact Person: Moira Joyce
Phone: M   0432 764 151

To download the flier, CLICK HERE 

Adelaide Day Workshop     Health, Healing and the Mind

Date:   17 September 2014, 10am (arrive 9.30) to 4pm
Venue:  Unley Town Hall, 181 Unley Road, Unley SA
Enquiries:  Cancer Care Centre (08) 8272 2411
Bookings:  online: www.trybooking.com/EMEJ      by phone: (08) 8272 2411

Contact Person: Jane Horton
Phone: W  (08) 8272 2411

To download the flier, CLICK HERE


  1. What a great piece of work. Fantastic Ian. I look forward to hearing you speak.

  2. this article, from Tuesday 15 July 2014 Sydney Morning Herald online, is worth reading: