14 October 2013

Ian Gawler Blog: Colour therapy and New Zealand

This week some extra-ordinary colour therapy courtesy of a flourishing garden, along with details of the meditation retreat in, and tour of New Zealand Ruth and I will embark upon in November and December. Plus reminders of impending talks in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, along with a small request and a treat!

If you do know anyone for whom these events may be useful, please do share this post with them. I am still convinced that helping someone else to learn or deepen their meditation is one of the most useful things we can do.

But first
Thought for the Day
It takes dedication, hard disciplined work, and intensive training
Before a dancer can move with unearthly grace
And perform feats that are impossible for an untrained body.
In the same, way, people have found when they practice compassion assiduously,
All day and everyday,
They achieve new capacities of mind and heart
                   Karen Armstrong

Ruth and I love going to New Zealand. Great country, great people, great reception. There seems to be a real openness and enthusiasm for Mind-Body Medicine, Complimentary therapies and Lifestyle Medicine. My sense of this is that both the public and the professions, including the doctors, are more open and embracing than in Australia.

It would be interesting to get comments/impressions from any of you who do move back and forth across “the ditch”; what is your experience of this?

We have been invited to present a range of programs – from retreats to a free public workshop in Christchurch for those affected by all the devastation that has come to that city.

So we hope to be able meet up again with those we have met on previous visits, and to continue to make new friends along the way. The events begin in

AUCKLAND: Evening Public Lecture: Medicine of the Mind - Thursday November 14th.
Here the conversation will be around how to let go of stress, activate healing and maximise performance in all you do. The latest research findings will be presented, along with how they can be applied. The power of the mind at work in everyday life. Time to relax and meditate together as well! There will also be a weekend workshop in Auckland Nov 30, Dec1 - see below.
Full details, CLICK HERE

Next comes
ROTORUA: Health, Healing and Wellbeing - November 16th
Here the focus will be more on the prevention and recovery from illness. I will aim to present the essence of what I have found most helpful over the 30 plus years I have worked in this field. Given we have a full day together, there will be plenty of mindfulness and meditation practice interspersed throughout. Full details, CLICK HERE

WANAKA RETREAT – Cancer and Beyond -  November 18 – 22
This five day follow-up cancer program is specifically for people who have attended a CanLive program in NZ, or Gawler Foundation program. This program is currently fully booked, but there may be a cancellation. Full details, CLICK HERE

CHRISTCHURCH Inner peace, Outer health. Sunday November 24th.
A free day workshop made possible by CanLive. An offering to all those affected by the traumas that have beset Christchurch and surrounds in recent times. I will speak of stress management in the conventional sense, as well as what I find to be the more profound possibilities with mindfulness and meditation. We will discuss recovery from major trauma and how it may be possible to find peace and clarity amidst troubled times. Full details, CLICK HERE

NELSON: Mind-Body Medicine in daily Life - Evening of November 26th.
Ah, Nelson. Now there is a place! And the chance to speak about relaxation, meditation and creative imagery for health, business, healing and wellbeing, with a focus on how to deepen the experience of meditation – and some practice together.
Full details, CLICK HERE

AUCKLAND: Weekend workshop: A New Way of Living
A way of living that generates good health, profound healing and long-term wellbeing.
Saturday November 30th: Meditation and the power of the mind
Meditation has a long history at the heart of spiritual practice. Then there is a more recent and rapidly evolving modern, scientific history.

Currently, astute leaders in all fields are recognizing that the mind is pivotal in whatever field of expertise you care to examine. In sport, business, relationships, health, healing, wellbeing; the mind decides what we do, how proficient we become and how much enjoyment we experience. Train the mind and everything gets better.

Meditation provides the key to training the mind and as such is the key to the future. Support it with the practices of relaxation, mindfulness, imagery and contemplation, and we can directly and reliably tap into the incredible power of the mind.

This day will gently blend facts and experience, knowledge and wisdom. I love it!
Full details, CLICK HERE

Sunday December 1st: Living Well, Being Well –
We all want to be healthy and happy. Many people have heard stories of people who have recovered against the odds from cancer and other major illnesses. Many know of, or are dealing themselves with major illness. Carers and Health Professionals are always thinking of how they can be most useful.

What to do? What works best? How do complementary and natural therapies work with conventional medicine? And what about prevention? What is best to eat – for good health and for recovery? How can we be really well and experience long-term good health and happiness?

Today the focus is on presenting the evidence, sharing years of experiences and providing practical answers. Learn how our lifestyle can powerfully affect our health and our capacity to heal – and how to get the best from our own potential.
Full details, CLICK HERE

Meditation Under the Long White Cloud. December 2nd – 8th.
This seven day meditation retreat will be the first Ruth and I will have presented in New Zealand. We love these retreats. A wonderful time to be amidst like-minded people, to assist with deepening your understanding and experience of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation; and then guiding you into the direct experience of inner peace.

Some may join us from Australia and places further afield, but if you are thinking of coming, it will make sense to book soon as all our retreats of late have been fully booked.
Full details, CLICK HERE

The organisers for the Auckland talks have requested me to help them set up a public Facebook page that they can use to help promote the events there. As time goes on, I will be able to use this to send out other interesting info and event news and all the things people do on Facebook – God help me!!! – but it seems “Liking “ the page is helpful.

So, if you care to, please pause for a moment, smile, and like me! Now you are laughing a little, please do the liking by CLICKING HERE! Then please send it on to anyone who may be interested.
Many thanks!

Here is the blank canvas 
The veggie garden
prepared over winter
awaiting the Spring planting

i) MELBOURNE: Mind-Body Medicine in daily life - Sunday October 20th, 10 – 4.30pm
Day seminar with Ian Gawler and Dr Nimrod Sheinman
Be inspired, be informed, deepen your experience of mindfulness, creative imagery and meditation.

Nimrod is a world authority in Mind-Body medicine and an expert with creative imagery and mindfulness. A healthy lunch is included in the modest fee for the day.
Full details, CLICK HERE

ii) BRISBANE November 4,5 and PERTH November 7,8
The famous Happiness and its Causes conference is going on the road and I will be presenting keynote addresses and half day workshops at both venues. My keynote topic is dealing with stress and anxiety; the workshops are on meditation.


Try clicking on this: The pause that refreshes - the wildest way yet to encourage people to meditate!


  1. Getting people in conventional medicine excited about an integrated approach can be hard. But I had a breakthrough with a radiographer last week. I mentioned that meditating had taught me to be so relaxed I can even sleep through an MRI scan. She said she had patients who were so tense when they started that their co-ordinate would change during the treatment as they became more relaxed - so maybe a course of preliminary mediation would be helpful.

  2. Great idea! There are so many clinical applications for deep relaxation and meditation. Happily I increasingly hear of parents or clinicians who are teaching children to relax, meditate and/or use imagery so they can go through medical procedures without being freaked out and distressed. This is a life skill that would be ideal to teach in schools, and again, it seems more and more schools are waking up and doing it. For adults, it is never too late to learn! A starting point? "Meditation for Children" or "Meditation - a Complete Path" - see the CDS and books on my website: www.iangawler.com.

    1. Could be time for a new compilation - Meditation for medication - quick relaxation and breathing exercises for injections, blood tests etc, White Light healing for the half hour specials, something longer for hours on a drip and a recording of the pain relief exercises from the book you wrote with Paul Bedson.

  3. Re NZ vs Australia it could be a case of "the grass is greener" in both senses of that phrase :)

  4. I like this notion! What do others think?

  5. Yes Ian quite agree with you regarding NZ. I am at present in NZ getting treatment - hyperthermia and misteltoe IV. Can't get that in Australia. Lovely careing doctor very educated in alternative medicine. Denise

  6. Have been living in New Zealand for 14 years, now living in australian for 12. I really dont think there is an difference. When i was a practitioner in New Zealand, i sent clients to your program in Melbourne, would often asked several organisations, why they wont invite you to come and teach here in New Zealand, any how, you doing it now, took a while thou!!!
    You have a website, blog, facebook page , the only thing what is missing now is a twitter account. You twitter every morning what you have for breakfast, when you meditate and invite people to do it at the same time you do it!, Just twitter everything you do from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep! Between you sleep and getting up , we dont want to know! just joking thou have a great day and be well every one ina

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