15 September 2014

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What if you had it all and it meant nothing? Dr John Kitchen was a neurologist “living the dream” with most things an ordinary person could want – except any deep sense of fulfillment or happiness.

So this week, an invitation to take a few moments when time permits (17 minutes to be precise), make a nice cup of tea, kick back and view a thought provoking film that documents how Dr John took radical action, followed his heart, developed his own unique form of meditation in action and found what he was looking.

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Then details of our next meditation retreat that will support your own inner reflection, but first (and apologies for the language – this is an American quote)

            Thought for the Day

        I am trying to get to the end of my life
       Without becoming an arsehole again


John Kitchen reminds me of a surgeon friend from many years back. My friend had a senior surgeon as a father who explained the purpose of life to him at an early age quite simply. Grow up, work hard, be successful and you will be happy.

My friend bought the package. He worked hard and by 40 he himself was a senior surgeon. Nice house, great car, lovely wife, 2 healthy children. Prestige.

Successful? Certainly on one level, but then the accoutrements. Skin rashes over several parts of his body, stomach ulcer, sleep difficulties, not relating well with the kids, wife distant, himself grumpy a lot of the time. Disillusioned really. Followed the formula to the letter, but where was the happiness?

It is fascinating how some people wake up, do the radical thing, change their life and (usually following considerable effort) find what they were looking for all along.

Then there are the others who resign themselves to their lot, find ways of adjusting to a deep disappointment, see no way through and adopt a range of behaviours that mask the inner discomfort. Then there are some like Woody Allen who so famously quipped, “I just grow a tumour”.

This then is a provocative film. Provocative in that it challenges us to consider what is important. The subject of the film makes radical changes in his life. My friend the surgeon also found the happiness he was looking for, but he did it “merely” by making radical changes in his way of living.

He remained a senior surgeon, just dramatically changed his way of living. Learnt to meditate, found inner peace, learnt to really value his wife and children, made time for them and the other things he did really value in his life.

Dr John, or Slomo as he has come to be known, is a natural on camera. His combination of candor and eloquence and his background as a neurologist legitimizes his metaphysical theories about skating (his new found passion and raison d’etre), lateral motion and the brain.

So again, treat your self. When time permits, take a few moments, make a nice cup of tea, kick back, LINK HERE and enjoy the film.

Finding our true identity

You might enjoy my own biography – a story about doing it the hard way - when life itself demanded, indeed, imposed changes.

The Dragon’s Blessing by Guy Allenby


1. Meditation, Images and Health - Five day retreat – October 13 - 17

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2. The final events for the grand tour are in Adelaide this week but all 3 are fully booked. Once home and the dust has settled, I will file a report on the blog – it has been a marvelous trip!!!


  1. I like it, 'Gentlemen, we are ready to skate'. PS 7 weeks on a vegan diet and I haven't collapsed yet, I'm amazed!

  2. Wonderful and inspiring video clip. Could not watch it without beaming from ear to ear.