27 April 2015

Eat well and increase the bottom line

Food does not always go directly to your backside. It can go to your head and significantly affect the way you function.

New research shows that eating good food increased productivity in the workplace. Dietary changes alone also led to less anxiety, depression, fatigue – and weight; so good for your bottom line in more ways than one!

What changes made the difference? This week we investigate - and a clue - it was NOT the Paleo Diet.

Then amidst the shocking admission by social entrepreneur and fundraiser Belle Gibson that she lied about ever having the terminal brain cancer she claimed to have overcome, and some very harsh commentary in the social media and press, I share my own thoughts on the matter.

But first, inspired by the passing of a dear friend, Sandy Dean who was a much loved member of the Wednesdays with Ian group

           Thought for the day

      If ever there is a tomorrow when we are not together 
      There is something you must always remember; 
      You are braver than you believe
      Stronger than you seem 
      And smarter than you think. 
      But most importantly, even if we are apart, 
      I will always be with you.

                Christopher Robin reading to Winnie the Pooh

Many years ago, I heard of an American study that showed feeding healthy food to prisoners in jail led to reduced recidivism rates (the rate prisoners return to jail after release).

Now a new study, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion reports that an 18-week dietary intervention program in a corporate setting increased employee productivity, while reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Researchers collaborated with GEICO (The Government Employees Insurance Company - the second largest insurer of vehicles in the USA). Employees who had a BMI of 25 or above or a previous diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, were encouraged to adopt a diet many of you will be familiar with – and benefit from.

So yes, the diet that led to all these constructive changes was a low-fat, low-glycemic, high-fibre, plant-based diet. As well, participants joined in weekly “lunch-and-learn” sessions to ask questions, learn the science behind the diet, and experiment with new recipes.

GEICO supported the research in a very real way. The company stocked its cafeterias with healthful
vegan options, including hummus vegetable sandwiches, leafy green salads, and black bean chili.

In 18 weeks, as well as the improvements in productivity and reductions in symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and general health problems, study participants lost an average of around 4 kgs and lowered their average LDL cholesterol levels by 13 points. Those who had type 2 diabetes also saw improvements in blood sugar control.

Previous research shows a plant-based diet can improve overall mood even outside the workplace simply by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Obesity currently affects 35 % of U.S. adults and accounts for $73 billion in lost productivity costs every year. Depression affects 9.5 % of the adult U.S. population, accounting for $83 billion in lost productivity each year.

 “Helping employees improve their health through a plant-based dietary intervention is a win-win situation for employees and the company,” says study author Dr Neal Barnard. “Who doesn’t want to feel great, increase energy, and maximize productivity in the process?”

1. Agarwal U, Barnard ND ET AL. A multicenter randomized controlled trial of a nutrition intervention program in a multiethnic adult population in the corporate setting reduces anxiety and improves quality of life: The GEICO Study. Am J Health Promot. 2015; 4:245-254.

2. White BA, Horwath CC, Conner TS. Many apples a day keep the blues away – daily experiences of negative and positive affect and food consumption in young adults. Br J Health Psychol. Published ahead of print January 24, 2013.

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Forgiveness is easy

One has to feel deeply for Belle Gibson who in falsely claiming to have recovered from terminal
cancer has lived out the most extra-ordinary lie.

In doing so she misled many, tainted cancer charities widely, confirmed in at least one instance what lazy sceptics often fall back on generally - that remarkable cancer recoveries are "too good to be true", and let many people down badly.

So condoning what she did? Never. Saying it was OK? Never. Saying she will have major consequences to deal with? Certainly. But forgiveness? Easy!

How sad to get to a point in life where doing such a thing seems OK and actually happens. While it is easy to recognise that what Belle did was abhorrent, we can only feel compassion for her as a person, and hope she is getting the help she needs.
                                                                                                                                                    (Reproduced from my Facebook post of April 23)


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