18 August 2014

Masters of mind and body – real life interviews

Ever wondered what real-life masters of mind & body look like? Who they are? What do they do with their lives? How they think, speak and act?

I have heard first hand accounts of lamas that fly and yogis that live naked in the snow. Have you met someone who seems to have mastered their mind? Maybe they live quietly, not into being outwardly "miraculous",  just being useful doing amazing things in their local community. Maybe they are in the public eye; but whenever we do have the good fortune to come across these people, we are the better for it.

So this week, a link that allows you to access some of these people’s inspiring lives and the insights they offer, courtesy of the Mindbody Mastery program. Do not miss one of the most surprising and remarkable answers I have heard for some time to the question “Are you lonely?”

Also, a link to a profoundly moving and insightful interview recorded at the Foundation during the making of the great new documentary The Connection, along with a reminder about how you can attend its premiere, then news of our next retreat and Dr Nimrod Scheinman coming back to Australia, but first

      Thought for the day

   Enlightenment is real, 
   And there are enlightened masters still on the earth. 
   When you actually meet one, 
   You will be shaken and moved in the depths of your heart 
   And you will realise that all the words, 
   Such as illumination and wisdom, 
   That you thought were only ideas 
   Are in fact true.
                    Sogyal Rinpoche

Many will know that a few years ago I helped launch an online meditation program called Mindbody Mastery. This development coincided with me ceasing full time work at the Foundation, turning 60, and realising I had avoided computers and high tech stuff most of my life.

Anyway, Mindbody Mastery has been a wonderful project to be involved with. It has taught me heaps about the net and technology, and happily it does seem to continue to provide a very useful tool for people to learn meditation on line, and even more usefully, build and sustain a regular practice.

Along with daily emails and regular SMS messages, one of the key components of the ongoing support given to subscribers of Mindbody Mastery (which incidentally costs less than $10 per month) is the rather unique monthly blog which anyone is welcome to access.

While the blog does have lots of great content including a history of meditation, overviews and video demonstrations of mind-body practices along with practical case studies of how to apply mind-body practices in daily life situations; there is now a new series showcasing real-life mind-body masters.

This new series records the lives and stories of extraordinary individuals, bringing them a little closer to you, and giving you a rare insight into how they think.


These new blogs will be based on personal interviews and will feature those who demonstrate mastery over their bodies, and those who demonstrate mastery over their minds.

You will see how invariably these mind-body masters have a keen sense of how they can help make our world a better place, and go about their work in their own unique ways - sometimes in the glare of public limelight, but most often just quietly, and with great dignity.

And every now and then you might even come across that rare gem - an enlightened living master. This is what happened for my partner in Mindbody Mastery, Saurabh Mishra recently when he had an unexpected encounter with one while travelling in India, and then made the effort to seek out and interview another.

Saurabh describes the meetings most eloquently. Great reading and make sure to watch the video link for the “lonely ?” answer in part B – fabulous!!!

To connect with
A. Meeting a master on the train   CLICK HERE

B. A rare interview with a spiritual master, including a short video with his answers to
1. What makes you laugh? (and are you lonely?)
2. What do you do about mosquitos?

The Mindbody Mastery blog will feature a new story of another mind-body master each month, so you may like to flag it.


OR TO JOIN,  GO TO    www.mindbodymastery.net 

Well, this week Ruth and I are in the centre - the red centre - Alice Springs - with Meditation in the Desert starting on Friday. What a delight!

Then the last events of Le Tour in Adelaide: Tuesday public lecture 16th September and day workshop Wednesday 17th September.


Five days of meditation and gentle introspection   :     October 13 - 17
- all amidst the beauty and tranquility of the Yarra Valley

Details   :   CLICK HERE

Bookings   :   Contact the Gawler Foundation  03 5967 1730



Mardi Fletcher's Story from The Connection


The Connection      Premieres in Melbourne and Sydney
After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, journalist and filmmaker Shannon Harvey travelled the world in search of the missing link in healthcare. From interviewing world leading scientists to meeting people with remarkable stories of recovery from severe back pain, heart disease, infertility, cancer and multiple sclerosis - this documentary delves into the link between our mind and body. 

The Connection is a film that proves we have more to say in our health outcomes than we ever thought possible. The Connection will premiere in Sydney on the 5th of September at the Cremorne Orpheum.



2. Radical Remission out of stock for a time

While the response to last week's post that focussed on remarkable survivors of cancer and 2 great books was strong, it is sad to say that Kelly Turner's new book, Radical Remission is now out of stock on the webstore. Even sadder, the publishers will only import new stock on receipt of orders; they are not holding stock in Australia, so it will be a few weeks before more of these great books will be available from the webstore.

I will announce when they are available once more and the plan is to keep them in stock as they seem to be hard to get through bookstores now and even other webstores. It is a terrific book and worth waiting for!!!

We will also keep Paul Kraus' book, Surviving Cancer available through the webstore as it too is hard to find locally.

3. Dr Nimrod Scheinman back in Australia

Many will have benefitted from attending one of Nimrod's previous Australian events. He is the Co-founder and director, Israel Center for Mindfulness in Education, and a world authority on Mind- Body Medicine and the use of therapeutic imagery. A great teacher and old friend who I recommend highly.

Here are the details of his Australian tour, with links:

The presentations are on Mindfulness in Education & Mindfulness with Children, and two are on The Clinical Applications of Mind-Body Medicine.

1.   Practical Applications of Mind-Body Medicine -Brisbane, the Relaxation Centre, September 3rd  DETAILS - CLICK HERE

2.       Mindfulness with Children -  Brisbane, The Relaxation Centre, September 3rd - DETAILS

3.       International Conference - Mindfulness, Education and Transformation, NTI Institute, Woollongong, NSW, September 5-7th DETAILS 

4.       Focusing on Our Children's Attention Span – Mindfulness Strategies for Parents. Spiritgrow Centre, Melbourne. DETAILS 

5.       Integrative Applications of Mind-Body medicine, Melbourne, September 14th - DETAILS

6.       An Education in Awareness - Mindfulness-based Learning Initiatives around the World, Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, Melbourne, September 9th - DETAILS  

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