25 November 2013

Ian Gawler Blog: Is this the greatest Christmas gift of all?

Peace of mind. Inner stability and natural good health. A realistic and well-founded view on life. All the evidence is that meditation really does deliver. So this year, why not give someone you love the gift of learning to meditate? Or maybe yourself?

I love the image of people receiving something meaningful at Christmas. So this week, three special ideas and incentives (including bargains on the webstore!) to make such a gift easier, along with news of Mindbody Mastery’s complete make over (and a special discount on it too), but first

Thought for the Day
The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life.
For it is only through meditation that you can undertake the journey to discover your true nature, 
and so find the stability and confidence you will need to live and die well.

Meditation is the road to enlightenment.
                                Sogyal Rinpoche

Three easy ways to give the gift of meditation

1. Mindbody Mastery – the on-line meditation program I helped to establish
Mindbody Mastery was a 6-month program when it was first conceived and launched. In response to our loyal users’ feedback and our own research, a brand new website has just been launched that provides a user-friendly platform with many new features.

Mindbody Mastery now offers an ongoing program with regular new meditation downloads and completely integrated and highly experiential courses on imagery and contemplation. Also, from the new-look website, you can now access

* Customised sessions - you can create your own sessions with any of the Mindbody Mastery guided exercises and any amount of silent time before, in-between or after the exercises (and a very cool gong to end your session!). Very useful if say you want to sit for a 15-minute guided meditation, 15 minutes of silence and then finish with the gratitude exercise; or next day have 5 or 25 minutes of silence and simply finish.

* Pre-Customised sessions - we received a good deal of feedback that people were using our exercises for pain relief and overcoming such things as anxiety and sleeplessness. So we created longer sessions tailored just for these conditions, and now these are available to you online anytime, anywhere you need them.

* Blog - each month we are posting a case study showcasing how one or more of the techniques in the program can be used to deal with the unexpected and challenging situations we all face from time to time - at home, at work, or out and about. We have already put up a number of these case studies, so please have a look.

Of course the major features of Mindbody Mastery are all still there. We continue to inspire and support you in developing and maintaining a deep, regular practice via daily emails, weekly SMS and so on.  All this comes to you for a nominal monthly fee of under AU$10. As a reader of my blog, you are invited to accept a 10% discount - anytime - just quote ijg2013 as the Promotion Code.

So here is another great Christmas idea – a yearly subscription for a teenager in need of some calm and clear thinking. Or how about the new techno-savvy Grannies? Now there is a radical idea! Better than talcum powder!

It is all done on-line, so check it out at www.mindbodymastery.net. Remember to quote ijg2013 for your 10% discount.

2. Go on-line and take advantage of the discounted CDs, MP3s, DVD and books.
With our own webstore now linked to the website, it is a treat for Ruth and myself to be able to offer meditation resources as our Christmas special.

All the meditation CDs, along with their corresponding MP3s and my meditation DVD are discounted 20% from now until Christmas Day. The most recent meditation book Meditation – a Complete Guide is discounted 10%, as is the bonus Christmas offer, that great cookbook, Eat Well, Be Well.

To order a Christmas bargain CLICK HERE

3. Treat yourself or someone you really love to a retreat

i) Meditation in the Forest : April 11 – 17.
The regular Pre-Easter retreat Ruth and I present is on in the Yarra Valley again. This year as well as providing the opportunity to learn more about relaxation, mindfulness and meditation, and to deepen your experience of same, the particular focus of the retreat will be on contemplation.
For details CLICK HERE

ii) Meditation in the Desert  : August 29 – September 7
We received such strong, positive feedback this year that Ruth and I have decided to do it again in 2014! So maybe this is something to plan for. Seven days meditation in the extraordinary atmosphere of the Central Australian desert, followed by several days of close contact with senior local indigenous leaders. For details CLICK HERE

Mindbody Mastery

Meditation in the Desert


Wow! These women can really cook! Ruth and I were in the mountains outside of the incredibly beautiful Wanaka last week, leading a New Zealand cancer follow up program – Cancer and Beyond.

Thirty six of us were treated to exceptional food, fabulous scenery and it was a delight to engage so closely; with Ruth and I presenting the whole program. I have not talked so much for years! Feedback has been very encouraging and Ruth and I look forward to presenting a similar program for the Gawler Foundation in the Yarra Valley: Cancer and Beyond : June 23 – 27, 2014.

Only a couple of events left to catch up with us in New Zealand. Really looking forward to being in Nelson again, then the weekend in Auckland and 7 days of meditation retreat at the beautiful Mana retreat centre on the Coromandel Peninsula.

We are delighted to be including our first meditation retreat in New Zealand (which quite a few Aussies have also booked for already!) - December 2 -8.

Please do let anyone you may know in NZ about the visit -  all the details are on my new public Facebook page: Dr Ian Gawler,    or the website.

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