25 November 2012

Ian Gawler Blog: The completely new “You Can Conquer Cancer” is released

The new edition of "You Can Conquer Cancer'  has just been released into the bookshops, and can be ordered on-line from the Foundation.

Completely rewritten, this new edition presents all I believe in and have learnt from research and clinical experience gathered over the last 30 years. I rewrote the book as if I was speaking to a close member of my family who had developed cancer and needed hope and inspiration, along with the knowledge of what they could do to help themselves.

Also, there are significant sections for family members and friends who are intent on supporting someone they love who has cancer, and would like to prevent cancer in themselves and others. I imagine it being of real practical use for health professionals.

This completely new edition has heaps of new material for those who are using or have read the old edition;  while it could make a great Christmas present for someone interested in this approach, and great to give to your doctors and other clinicians. But first,

Thought for the Day
We can do what doctors cannot do for us
Which is to take our own action
We can enquire. We can learn. We can use our own inner resources                                                      Participant in a recent cancer self-help group

The new edition of  "You Can Conquer Cancer'  with the subtitle "- A New Way of Living", begins by examining the range of very real challenges that cancer presents, and the choices available for overcoming or even transforming these challenges. Both the medical and non-medical treatment options are examined and then it is made clear that what is on offer here is best described as Lifestyle Medicine.

What I continue to be passionate about, and what this new edition of "You Can Conquer Cancer' details is how people can use their lifestyle therapeutically. This is not "Alternative Medicine", not even "Complementary Medicine” as such; it is what people can do to help themselves, Lifestyle Medicine.

This is a comprehensive and empowering approach that integrates therapeutic nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sun exposure, healthy emotions, utilising the vast potential of the mind, meditation and imagery, and even the subtler but equally profound qualities of the spirit.

The book highlights the difference between "positive thinking" and "wishful thinking", shares stories of remarkable survivors of cancer along with an extensive chapter on the theme of a "good death".

The chapters on nutrition explain the relative merits of foods for healing, as well as highlighting how all members of the family will benefit from eating well - for the prevention of cancer and other illness, as well as for feeling well and being well.

The original "You Can Conquer Cancer'  was published in 1984 and it has been in print ever since. Translated into 13 languages it has sold over 250,000 copies world-wide. I am very pleased to have this new edition in print and thank my publisher, Michelle Anderson for so enthusiastically and professionally supporting the re-write.

I expect those who have read and are using the old edition of "You Can Conquer Cancer'  will benefit significantly from this new book, and my hope is that it helps many more people who will be new to it, to live long, meaningful and happy lives.


You Can Conquer Cancer goes into the medical schools

Recovery from cancer is possible

It only has to be done once


The new You Can Conquer Cancer

Please note: You Can Conquer Cancer will be available as an E-book in about 2 weeks time.

CDs The Gawler Cancer program: Ian explains how cancer develops, the range of mechanisms the body has to counteract it, and how you can support the process of recovery

What to do when someone you love has cancer: Based on 30 years experience and feedback, Ian details how friends and family can best support and care for someone who has cancer.


1. Thanks to all the people who have responded to the recent articles in the Age.
i) This last Saturday, the reporter Chris Johnston who has written of co-authored most of the articles, wrote another piece referring to the letter from my chest physician that I featured in last week's blog. He told me the piece from the week before had been heavily edited after he submitted it making it very unbalanced. He apologised and followed up with this latest offering which finally is beginning to make the truth more transparent.

Amazingly, the Drs Haines and Lowenthal have refused to comment on the letter or its 6 new pieces of evidence, saying that it is up to me "to set the record straight". That seems really weird to me; I thought they were the ones who started the controversy around my diagnosis and that their claims that have not stood up to scrutiny. It seems some people find it hard to admit when the were wrong.

ii) From last week, 24/11/12, George Jelinek wrote a lovely piece on his MS website CLICK HERE, while on my own Facebook page, Amanda wrote:

I would like to say how much I have valued the support and learning that I have received through the Foundation over the past 2 years. It is not quackery, it is not a cult - it is about empowerment, it is about learning to take responsibility for yourself through making your own informed choices.

We always have more choices than we think and I am very capable of making my own decisions rather than having them forced on me. I can choose the path that leads me to a definite early demise as indicated by my surgeon (who is a wonderful man too) as though I have been pointed at with the bone or I can choose a path where I make the decisions about managing this disease - a path that includes hope, controlling the factors that I can, making informed treatment decisions based on extensive research of all of my options.

It is a path that addresses not just the physical elements of this disease but the emotional, the mental and even the spiritual. We are all going to die. I get to live my life informed by this and will do anything I can to live well to be an example to my children about living fully and with hope that maybe I will be a 1% er.

Of course we all hope that our actions will halt the disease and lead to our physical wellness - who wouldn't? I the meantime, I live a great life because of how I live it and anyone in the medical profession who feels that this is wrong because it is not "evidence based" is sadly, I believe in the wrong profession. Fortunately I have a great team of both traditional and complementary therapists and Drs who support me every step of the way - we all want me to be a 1%er."

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  1. So now the the disparaging 'Age' articles are revealed as unbalanced, the co-author, to his credit, has apologized to Ian, and the chief detractors are silent. Enough said. Lee S.

  2. You are an inspiration. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Is there anything in your book about the relationship between oral health -developing cancer?
    I think that this is often overlooked?
    best wishes Ina

    1. The main issue re oral health and cancer is that of inflammation. It is known that chronic inflammation aggravates cancer and so for people with the disease, it is wise to check regularly for gum disease and root canal infections regularly, especially if on chemo which can increase these problems, and treat them promptly if they arise. As a cause, the infection/inflammation problems would be an issue, but a minor one as I understand it.

  4. The information in this book saved my life. I recommend it to everyone I meet who has cancer and thank you so much Ian for updating it. I really look forward to reading the new version

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